Divine Force

Kundalini is the divine life force from GodNo life is possible without kundalini because kundalini energy is nothing else but the cosmic life force coming from God that keeps all beings alive. No awakening of the Kundalini Shakti is possible as it is always flowing to a certain extent.

What people often call the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti is a sudden reduction of resistance to its flow caused either by certain accidents, special spiritual practices aimed at awakening the Kundalini Shakti, or more often just as a result of conscious spiritual development.

Sudden awakening may also occur as a gift of love from God or from a person blessed by GodAccidental kundalini all is the same and is resulting from sudden decrease of your ego. The result of sudden removal or dissolving of a substantial part of your ego at the right time. Such may occur as a result of loss of a loved one, loss of property, divorce = loss of an obstacle in your life with wrong partner.

Of course the normal situation of increase or awakening of kundalini would be as a result of your conscious Kriya Yoga practice or other spiritual practice such as developing divine love toward all. Sudden changes in your life may cause any one or several manifestations of your ego or karma to suddenly disappear and that is exactly like if a racing car driver suddenly removes his handbrake to free the power of his engine.

Ego manifestations are ill artificial breaks – or ill spiritual blockages of your divinity. Ego reduces the free flow of kundalini to the point of causing extended sleepiness, weakness, loss of vitality, loss of sexual potential hence loss of love potential.Hence a sudden kundalini awakening means nothing else but a sudden change in your life, such as death of a loved person making you think about God and meaning of life and death, or quiet often a divorce from a totally mismatching partner or a change of job into a loving industry or a new home in or near nature may be some of the common reasons to drastically increase the flow of kundalini.Be happy if a sudden increase of kundalini occurs and support the full flow of kundalini within you.

Be happy if a spontaneous increase in kundalini occurs to you. It is the ultimate goal for allbeings on earth to get kundalini flowing again and to finally return home to our divine world in God. An increase of kundalini is a blessing from God and in no way an accident to prevent or to suppress.If a sudden increase in kundalini flow occurs in your life, learn to accept that increase in kundalini shakti as a blessing from God that may facilitate and speed up all your spiritual efforts to return home to God. Under no circumstances ever should you attempt to block or decrease the kundalini flow. Contrary should be the case.

Go into nature for additional balancing and healing/cleaning of your entire chakra and energy system. Take time for God to heal and free you. Kundalini is like a cleaning agent freeing you from spiritual ignorance by cleaning your spiritual awareness and perception and cleaning your entire aura.Kundalini force comes from God

The Kundalini energy comes from God and returns to God. The flow of this energy along the great nadis, sometimes also called meridians or energy channels, causes the chakras to rotate. Each chakra is rotating in the opposite direction of its immediate neighbor-chakras. One turning clockwise the next one counterclockwise and so on. The Chakras of a female are rotating the opposite way from male chakras.

A woman and a man facing each other however may be in harmony with each other because facing each others the Chakras are rotating in the same direction relative to each other, creating inspiring of the opposite gender body.The purpose of Kriya Yoga is to free kundalini in a balanced wayKriya Yoga applied and practiced in its perfect and complete way, consisting of teachings of love, teachings about spiritual laws as well as all necessary basic teachings about God\’s creation in combination with the proper Kriya Yoga techniques will help you to master the flow of kundalini and use the ever increasing flow of kundalini shakti for your spiritual benefit as well as for the spiritual benefit of all creation.


Digestive problens

Kundalini awakenings affect your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state and well-being. As kundalini energy rises, you may undergo bouts of anxiety, depression, weight changes, migraines, nausea, palpitations and out-of-body experiences. Gastric disorders are also common during various stages of kundalini activity, and constipation, diarrhea, excessive gas, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome are some of the symptoms and conditions that can manifest.


Kundalini can be described as being creative, healing life-force energy, most often illustrated as a coiled snake resting at the base of the spine in the root chakra. Activation of the kundalini can occur spontaneously, as the result of an injury or during periods of extreme mental shock or severe emotional strain. It is also possible to activate the kundalini through the disciplined practice of yoga and meditation. Holistic healing and other forms of spiritual development can lead to kundalini awakenings.


Chakras are energy centers positioned along the spinal column in areas containing bundles of nerve cells. There are seven main chakras, each governing aspects of your physical, mental and spiritual self. The root chakra, the first of the lower chakras, helps keep you grounded and connected to earth. It is here that the kundalini lies dormant until activated. As kundalini rises, it clears blockages and purifies the spiritual and physical aspects of the body, passing through the sacral chakra, solar plexus, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye and the crown chakra. This process is intricate and requires substantial energy.

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus, the third lower chakra, distributes energy throughout the body. This chakra governs the ego and has an effect on your emotional and mental state. It also controls the digestive system, which is why gastric disorders may develop when the solar plexus is energetically weak or blocked. Kundalini Teacher highlighted the issue of gastric disorders and kundalini awakenings, saying that problems can occur as a result of the kundalini energy clearing and purifying the solar plexus. It lists food sensitivities, diarrhea, gas, loss of appetite and cravings as common symptoms.

Digestive System

Kundalini Teacher also discussed the relationship between gastric disorders and the kundalini, saying that disorders occur as a result of the redirection of energy and enzymes from the solar plexus during the kundalini transformative process. The immune system is compromised during kundalini awakenings, which in turn affects the digestive system, depriving it of energy it needs to properly function. Candida is a disorder that can develop when the immune system is weak, according to Biology of Kundalini, raising the risk of other conditions such as leaky gut and irritable bowel syndrome. Your body’s pH balance and electromagnetic field adjust during the kundalini awakening process, which interferes with the balance of friendly bacteria.

Suggested Diet

Biology of Kundalini suggests you gradually introduce raw liquidized foods into your diet to counteract gastric disorders. Juices, soups, wheatgrass and green smoothies are easy to digest, unlike solid fibrous vegetables and high-antioxidant fruits, which it recommendeds you avoid. Toxic-laden sugary foods, alcohol and caffeine should be eliminated to prevent overtaxing the digestive system. Kundalini Teacher considers it more beneficial to eat foods that agree with your individual digestive system and nutritional needs. The reason for this is that food sensitivities sometimes develop during kundalini activations, causing you to experience adverse reactions to foods you normally eat, while triggering new cravings. In such cases, it suggests you give in to your cravings, as they may be kundalini’s way of guiding you toward your body’s nutritional needs. Kundalini Teacher also strongly advises seeking the help of a naturopath during the process of purification for kinesiology allergy testing. Although the kundalini awakening may interfere with your bodily functions, symptoms are usually temporary. Seek medical advice if symptoms last for a prolonged period.



Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/398071-kundalini-gastric-disorders/#ixzz1fhBGLZdE


“Nothing ought to appear in print which might give even the slightest assistance in the development of a power which destroys ruthlessly when it is sought to be awakened before its due time.”, writes George Arundale in his book “Kundalini – an Occult Experience.”

George Arundale (1878-1945) was an English theosophist and the president of the Theosophical Society in 1934 after Annie Besant. He lived in the circle of Krishnamurti, the chosen “World teacher” of the theosophists. Together with his Indian wife and other chosen people, he used methods to awaken the force of kundalini, and took one initiation after another. He thinks that all statements about kundalini should be taken with the utmost caution, since it depends on how the person, who experiments, relates to these things, and the force affects different people in different ways. He writes: :

“Before anyone seeks to arouse kundalini let him know much about it, especially of its dangers….. A little knowledge may incline him to foolishness.”

And more:

“The path of occultism, it is said, is strewn with wrecks. I venture to think that the path of the arousing of kundalini, even if only in the first stages, is strewn with even more wrecks.”

Kundalini is the fire of life and therefore it flows through everything. With an increasing vitality, kundalini flows in the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the human kingdom, but – in exceptional circumstances – as a mildly fertilizing stream of fire, which in a way refreshes the entire body. But every time there is a definite and definitive progress in spiritual growth, an intensification of the kundalini force occurs. The awakening of this force is, according to Arundale, connected with the utmost danger. It can become a furious river, and destroy everything in its path. It will be a big misfortune to those who have not reached higher levels on the spiritual ladder of development, and which, he says, the majority of mankind have not. Kundalini, which consequently releases the fire of life in the individual, demands royalty, that is, a balanced mentality and good health. The individual must be able to bear a “burden of fire”, that he normally is not used to, and the stimulation of the fire will be more that he can endure, if he does not possess a strong self control. But it is not only fire or heat that is experienced but also cold, often in the heart region. Arundale writes:

“It becomes apparent that Kundalini may well be compared with electricity as to the uses to which it can be put. Continuous consciousness, remembrance of events during the night, and so on, are only certain fruits of the arousing of Kundalini. Even more important is the directly added power it gives for work in the outer world.”

There will be a stimulation of all existing senses, and Arundale thinks that we have only begun to understand this force.

“Mercifully, the world is preserved from the discovery by science of the Kundalini Ray, or annihilation would ensue. When we read of the so-called ” Death Rays ” and other highly destructive emanations from great centres of Force, we may think of Kundalini as more powerful than all of them put together, and we shall be glad to leave it alone until it is necessary that we should learn to use it. It turns in boomerang fashion with terrible effect upon those who misuse it, upon those who do not reverence it, upon those who use it to selfish ends.”

The dangers of kundalini are, according to Arundale, among other things::

  • Increased sexual activity and expression, which leads to loss of vitality. All sexual desires are states of tension that demand an outlet.
  • Mental confusion, if one does not have a strong self-restraint, calm and clear thinking, and is not free from lower thought climates. Even if one gets help to awaken the force, it is completely up to the individual what the outcome will be. The ability to see if an individual is mature enough to awaken the kundalini, depends completely on the intuition, and it is undeveloped in mankind of today. (Intuition is immediate knowledge about higher truths without previous analysis.)
  • Man has also psychic bodies, that have to be developed and be able to bear the force.
  • There is great danger in disturbing the natural physical and psychic rhythm and balance, through uncontrolled stimulation of the different centers of the body. The risk is that the heart and the nervous system will be damaged and the individual will be chronically disabled, with a general deterioration of the brain, which gets overstrained. The result will be that the system collapses.

It is, then, the brain that must be able to endure an enormous pressure. A person in whom kundalini is starting to move, lives in all respects under high pressure. Arundale writes that it is a concentration of power, which is the drop that makes the beaker flow over, and hurl the unfortunate one into a horrible darkness, if he is not a spiritual athlete. He considers that on our present level of development, there are without doubt already channels between the inner worlds and man, who mainly lives in the outer world.

“But such channels are not likely to be deep, and if suddenly a rush of force whirls through one or another of them, or directly into a physical organ, they may well ‘burst,’ and bring about catastrophe.”

Kundalini breaks down all barriers according to Arundale, that is, it opens the lock gates wide, the gates that until now have opened slowly and gradually and still are very small. Little by little, through development, an expansion of consciousness naturally takes place. The physical and psychic bodies become more and more sensitive and susceptible. The brain cells, which have to carry most of the enormous voltage, must have been adapted, and be able to mould themselves to the current. Arundale’s definite point of view is that the wise leave kundalini alone. Experiments performed in ignorance, do not only constitute a misfortune to the experimenter himself, but also to his surroundings. And nobody has the right to impose that on others. Our weaknesses, imbalances and our incomplete sides, are the great dangers, and we are not even ourselves always aware of them.

“In nine cases out of ten, it is pride which precedes the fall, and pride never knows itself as pride, or it would very properly commit suicide, as indeed it does in the case of common-sense people.”

Snake icon

C. G. Jung also had experiences of eastern methods. He used yoga and altered states of consciousness when he explored the unconscious. He was aware that he endangered both his health and his mind, and he writes as follows in his book “Memories, Dreams, Reflections”:

“To be able to grasp the fantasies that, so to speak, from the underground set me in motion, I had to let myself sink down into them. Not only did this go against the grain, but it also filled me with pure agony. I feared loosing my self control and becoming a prey to the unconscious, and what this meant I knew, as a psychiatrist, only too well.” (All quotes are freely translated from the Swedish book.)

He explored the “spiritual world” and became psychotic. He heard voices, was visited by “the dead”, and spoke to them. He behaved in a completely confused manner, and was unsure if he would be able to come through this state sane. Only with the greatest effort was he able to find his way out of the maze, and he has described it as “…glad to have escaped death.”

Jung has written a psychological comment to “Tibetan Book of the Dead “. He considers the text to be a “process of initiation” – if one reads the book in reversed order, from the end to the beginning. When he comes to the “Chönyid-state”, which he means is equal to a deliberately triggered psychosis, Jung writes:

“One often hears and reads about the dangers of Yoga, particularly of the ill-reputed Kundalini Yoga. The deliberately induced psychotic state, which in certain unstable individuals might easily lead to a real psychosis, is a danger that needs to be taken very seriously indeed. These things really are dangerous and ought not to be meddled with in our typically Western way. It is a meddling with Fate, which strikes at the very roots of human existence and can let loose a flood of sufferings of which no sane person ever dreamed. These sufferings correspond to the hellish torments of the chönyid state… ”

The one who cares about his or her mental health can read about this dreadful state on their own in the book! Now, not only Kundalini yoga can trigger psychoses. There have proven to be risks also in other methods such as TM and other forms of meditation, Rebirthing and other breathwork, Qi-gong, Reiki, healing, automatic writing, dowsing, channeling etc. All methods, that have the raising of consciousness as a purpose, or where one in some way lets go of control, have proven to have risks.
We shall not let go of our control! We shall be “masters in our own house”!

We all have an invisible envelope, our aura, which is a radiation of our thoughts, i.e. our consciousness. It is our protection. Jung continues to describe the real nature of this danger:

“It means a dissolution of the unity of the ‘bardo-body’, which is a kind of ‘subtle’ body, building up the visible envelope around the psychic I in the state after death. Psychologically, this mutilation corresponds to psychic dissolution. In its most pernicious form it is equal to schizophrenia (split personality). This, the most usual of all mental illnesses, consists mainly of a pronounced ‘abaissement du niveau mental’, which breaks down the normal control mechanisms forced upon us by our conscious thinking, which thereby gives the unconscious ‘dominants’ total freedom….It means that you sacrifice the stability of the I, which capitulates to the utmost incertitude in something that can only appear as a chaotic mess of fantasmagorias. ”

According to Jung, latent psychoses are difficult to discover, he calls them “the black sheep” of the therapists, and it is even worse for laymen. These conversations with “the dead” were preceded by what Jung calls “loss of the soul”.

“A short time before this experience, I had written down a fantasy of how the soul had left me. The soul, anima (animus by women) mediates the relation to the unconscious. To a certain extent this also means a relation to the “collective of the dead”, because the unconscious corresponds to the mythical kingdom of death, the land of the ancestors. If, then, one has a fantasy where the soul takes off, this means that it has submerged into the unconscious, or ‘the land of the dead’… From that day, the dead have become more and more clear to me, like voices from the unanswered, the unsolved and unmanifested; for since the questions and demands that my destiny demanded answers for, did not come from the outer world, they came precisely from the inner world. In this way these conversations with the dead were a kind of prelude to everything concering the unconscious which I would inform the age in which I lived; a kind of pattern of order and interpretation of the general contents of the unconscious…My science was my means and my only possibility to free myself from this chaos. Otherwise the material would stick to me as burdocks and marsh plants… Sometimes the contents of the unconscious brought me close to loosing my senses and reason.”

The few eastern gurus, who themselves have managed, through different sorts of efforts and methods, to experience a glimpse of higher spiritual worlds, KNOW that one has to pass the astral level, i.e. “the zone of the dead”, on the way. If one then does not have competent guidance, there is a big risk that you get stuck there and attract “energies”, from whom it can be very hard to free oneself. They can stick to our aura and the effect of that, every sensible person can figure out for herself. This is the reason why the eastern spiritual exercises have been a secret for thousands of years. The ignorance and the mistakes are already showing. Deep down the eastern methods is a question of how to become freed from sufferings and from life on earth. In the West we have heard almost for the last two thousand years: “Take your cross and follow me!” We are, then, to bear our sufferings, for it is a divine education in the law of sowing and harvest. What I do to my neighbour always comes back, sooner or later.

Kundalini icon

This law is completely just, and has to be seen in the light of reincarnation as described by Martinus (1890-1981). He was Dane and gained cosmic consciousness through a “baptism of fire”.
In an article “The Christmas Star” (Kosmos 96/12) he writes the following:

It is in the hands of the individual to liberate itself from the fight that is going on around it. If you create neutrality within yourselves and by means of your will practice seeing things in an impartial light, your mind will be far more harmonious than is perhaps now the case. I myself experience living daily life in a light that makes it possible for me to understand everyone. This experience of mine will gradually be attained by everyone. This state in which the consciousness is adjusted so as to be in harmony with the law of existence is called cosmic consciousness, a state of consciousness that everyone will reach. Since it is so strongly desired there are people who seek to attain it by artificial means, through various exercises and so on, but this can lead to terrible states, so I cannot recommend this.
On the other hand there is a road to cosmic consciousness that you ought to follow. It goes via a natural appropriation of the knowledge on which this state of consciousness depends. It is true that these analyses can be difficult or hard to grasp, but through this indirect experience of the spiritual states you will gradually be prepared for the direct experience. If one receives these energies directly without having organs that are developed for the purpose, one can easily meet with the terrible anguish of mental illness.
But if one prepares oneself to acquire the ability to forgive, to never be offended and hot-tempered then one will begin to get some of the strength that one needs in order to be able to tolerate the influx of these high energies into one’s brain.
But the more of these energies that flow into your consciousness the more dangerous it is for you to be hot-tempered. Many people have become mentally ill by coming into contact with these energies too early. Others have become fanatics with violent desires to assert themselves and a raging intolerance of others. Still others have got into states in which the spiritual energies have completely taken control at the expense of the material energies, and they live in imaginary states that make them quite unfit for life here.
The fact that there are such dangerous pitfalls connected to these high energies is the very reason why I have made it a principle to teach exclusively the only natural way to this high consciousness, the training of oneself to love one’s neighbour, which is the foundation of the real human kingdom. The neighbourly love is not completed by one patting one another on the cheek, saying beautiful things or filling one’s mind with sentimentality. All of this can be very nice and beautiful, but one has to love one another in a sensible way.
(Martinus’ quote translated by Mary McGovern)

Copyright Marja S 1997. All rights reserved.


Kundalini Manifestations, the Lucid-Dreaming, and Out-of-Body Experiences By Sirley Marques Bonham, Ph.D.

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If you wish, you may read this article in Portuguese.


Have you ever seen any kind of lights, either while falling asleep, while awakening, or even while you perform meditation? Or, while in these same situations, have you ever heard strange sounds that seem to happen within your brain? Have you ever felt waves of weird electrical-like vibrations throughout your body in those states?

If you have had those experiences, you are not alone. Lots of common people experience these phenomena while they are falling asleep or even while awakening. Many meditators do see lights, hear sounds, or feel vibrations, as well. Another thing that can happen while falling asleep or awakening is the paralysis. Paralysis is the situation where one is unable to move our body. When this condition happens during the process of falling asleep or awakening it is called “sleep paralysis.” The big problem is that these phenomena can be frightening if not absolutely surprising. If you visit the discussions’ forums of the Sleep Homepages in the Internet [I1], where the public participate with comments and questions, you can find many requests for explanations on how to stop sleep paralysis. Those persons, who didn’t know anything about experiences of paralysis and its relation to either lucid-dreaming or OBE’s (out-of-body experiences), report on how their inability to move in those situations sent them into a panic. Sometimes, as one of the progressions of the paralysis, some of them felt as if floating above their bodies or within their bedrooms. They also reported that this paralysis included the sensation of vibrations moving up and down their backs. They sometimes felt a “presence.” I was appalled when they told about their panic. I can only sympathize with them, as I have gone through this same panic! When vibrations in the paralysis first happened to me, I could only think that it was similar to what I have observed happening with mediuns, when they incorporated a spiritual entity, which was all I knew about “vibrations.” I was frightened, because I didn’t want any foreign spirit entering my body!

When ignorant about these phenomena, we can ask many questions, depending on our background. Yet, we need only the information that all is part of natural phenomena so that we can, if not enjoy it, at least understand and relax, while the phenomena wears itself out. Or, until the phenomena transforms to the next stage: the conscious entering into a dream situation (lucid-dreaming), the sensation of “body separation” (OBE), or just awakening. As related to the sleep paralysis, situations can happen that are excessive by either lasting too long, or producing sleep apnea (the stopping of breathing). Only then we should consider them as abnormal. These conditions suggest the attention of a physician with expertise in sleep treatment. Otherwise, the paralysis, even if very intense, it’s harmless, and the onsets of lucid dreaming or OBE adventures are in general, welcome events.

We now know they are common phenomena, but what could they be? Are they light phenomena produced at random by a sleeping or “sedated” brain? Are they due to nerves shutting on and off? It could be one or the other, or both. However, when we examine the descriptions of oriental Yogis about the characteristic manifestations of “Kundalini” we are dumbfounded to discover that they match those sensations above described. Also, they talk about other much more elaborated types of manifestations, sometimes with striking details. That leave us wondering: “Wouldn’t some of those mental disoriented insane be just victims of Kundalini manifestations?” It could be, and it could not be. Mental problems can have a definite origin in certain brain damage or ill-working conditions.


What is the “Kundalini”?

Oriental Yogis present a veiled description of Kundalini, with images of a goddess, The Goddess Kundalini . They also talk about working centers, “chakras,” and currents flowing through channels that are either straight (the “sushuma”), or intertwined (the “ida” and the “pingala”), like the snakes around a mast, similar to the caduceus — the well known symbol of the medicine [B1,B2,B3,B4]. Here is the interpretation of “Yoga of light,” a translation of the ancient “Hatha Yoga Pradipika,” [B2] the Sanscrit text definition of Kundalini:

“The latent force of higher potential, said to lie in three and one-half coils, like the snake in the churning of the ocean of milk, sleeping at the lowest center (muladhara chakra) at the foot of the ‘tree of life,’ the spinal column. This serpent power, Kundalini, cannot be described fully, even by one who has succeeded in awakening it. When it awakens, it shoots through the body like an electric shock, and trembling and amazed, the person realizes that a powerful event has taken place within him. This is only the beginning. The whole body trembles. A door seems to have been pushed open through which a flood of light flows from some unknown world, a light of incomparable radiance. After a long time the trembling body becomes calm, but the flash of light shooting through the spinal column to the crown of the head is unforgettable. This flash of light is not really the Kundalini, however, it is merely a sign of its awakening. The Kundalini itself does not shoot up, but will later rise slowly, passing through the stations (the chakras), each of which creates another new and powerful experience.”

With a modern point of view, we could infer that one possible explanation for the Kundalini manifestations, the channels, and the chakras, might be in the workings between the brain and the nervous system throughout the body. Would that be a relation between certain “nerve-relay” positions within the spinal cord, and the oriental positions for the chakras? While attending my classes of functional neuroanatomy, I carefully searched for anything that could shed light in this issue, but I was unsuccessful! However, when one reads about the oriental descriptions of the Kundalini, one can only obtain a glimpse into the enormity of the cultural differences between the orient and the occident.

Let’s next discuss a topic also related to the oriental philosophy, and that is likewise related to the Kundalini issue: the meditation.



My own experience with meditation in not outstanding, unless the process of waiting for sleep while keeping oneself aware can be considered a similar process. However, from the literature and from acquaintances who practice meditation, I have heard of similar experiences or “lights, sounds, and vibrations.” From the literature there are a few modern books describing those experiences. One of them, the Gopi Krishna’s “Living with Kundalini,” [B3], is an account of a dramatic Kundalini awakening, which happened while he was meditating. Here is his description of his first experience, while doing one of his regular meditation sessions:

“During one such spell of intense concentration [on a shining lotus] I suddenly felt a strange sensation below the base of the spine, at the place touching the seat . . . The sensation extended upwards, growing in intensity . . . Suddenly, with a roar like that of a waterfall, I felt a stream of liquid light entering my brain through the spinal cord . . . The illumination grew brighter and brighter, the roaring louder. I experienced a rocking sensation and then felt myself slipping out of my body, entirely enveloped in a halo of light.”

Less dramatic experiences also appear in other accounts, however still very impressive as related to the intensity of the experiences. Bonnie Greenwell’s “Energies of Transformation,” [B4], presents a modern analysis of those experiences, from the point of view of “Transpersonal Psychology.” This is an out of main stream psychology that is able to treat cases not understood by the common academic psychology. Dr. Greenwell includes twenty three case histories in her book, but the investigated phenomena do not primarily center on instances of “lights and sounds and vibrations,” though they are also included.

We can also report Florence Ghibellini’s article about “the intermediary state” (page 46-59 of the Rever magazine, number 3 (June-July.1997)). There she describes vibratory and light experiences generated by the replaying of sounds by imagination, or simply by an attentive awareness, as related to OBE experiences. [While in a state of meditation, she has observed that, upon “replaying certain sounds by memory,” it is possible to bring about the phenomena of vibrations and lights, then follow with OBE experiences.] Ghibellini was the first French person to have practiced the lucid dream in laboratory.

The fact that Ghibelline is successful in bringing about vibrations and follow with the “leaving of the body,” is significant, principally when we consider that frequently, lights and sounds are present in experiences that also include “vibrations.” Also, that reinforces the fact that — like Gopi Krishna and other meditator’s visualization of a luminous lotus — the “visualization of lights” can also bring about light-phenomena. My own experiences have also demonstrated that other “replays of memory of events,” like that of movements, also work towards the attraction of similar responses, while in deep relaxation or at the sleep/awakening threshold. Robert Bruce also describes in his writings [A3] similar results about the “imagination of movements,” while teaching the OBE to blind people. While a blind person can easily replay sounds in imagination, they can not visualize images or lights. But they can obviously also “replay” movements, and Robert Bruce used this memory to produce the “movement of leaving the physical body,” or the OBE sensation, to the blind people.


Falling Asleep, While Conscious

Let’s describe the conditions that we set upon with the objective to wait for the sleep onset, in an intentional effort to reach the dream state beyond the sleep onset, without losing consciousness. (Notice that all can be achieved unintentionally as well, and that is where the surprises happen.) These conditions are: deep relaxation, then some “mind-activity” to keep awareness. One activity is suggested by Stephen LaBerge in his WILD (wake-initiated lucid dreams) technique [B5], where one repeats in thought our intention to keep awareness, while falling asleep. Personally, I set upon performing brain-exercises, by using the sensations of “movements,” without imagery, but only feeling those movements [A4]. What we next have to look for is for hypnagogic hallucinations (the visions one has, while falling asleep) of any type, dreams’ snippets, images. Or those strange sounds, lights, and vibrations. Or, the sensation of floating, or the sensation of being suddenly repelled from your physical body. This last sensation is extraordinary because you feel yourself moving out, like being repelled. All these sensations can appear independently or mingled together. Sometimes one can also feel a sensation like that of floating in water, where the waves produces slight movements of up and down, or side-ways wavering.

Technique is not important. What matters is that, while attaining this deep relaxation with “awareness,” we may get to a point where a hissing or “swishing” sound might occur, the eyes move upward or make slow movements. A “light” somewhere — centered upwards, or lateral, even moving — might appear and shine brightly as a light point in your visual field. Or it can occur as an image related to light, like flames, candles, that can transform in an intense source or light. Meanwhile we can be brought to full awaken awareness, due to the surprise and the oddity of the phenomena. . . or not! we might be already in the paralysis situation, where our body is already unable to move. We may then move out of our body (the OBE), or just enter a dream situation. We move out of our body by an impulse of “getting up” movement, as if getting up from the bed. Only it will be from our body!


Samples of Experiences

The following illustrate the comments about the experiences of lights, sounds, movements, vibrations, while in the sleep/awakening onsets.

February, 1991:“Last night while doing, as usual, the ‘brain-exercises’ [A4] I was feeling all those vibrations, which were a novelty. Toward the end of these exercises, while I started to ‘rotate the zero,’ I was surprised by a strong spot-light on my forehead, above my eyes! It illuminated my forehead, from above my closed eyes. The light was very bright, and shocking! I tried to control my surprise, trying to avoid my heart to accelerate its beating, as this would take me off my deep relaxation. Thus, I just kept rotating the ‘zero,’ this time with far more interest and intensity. Soon, there again appeared the light: my forehead was again whole illuminated with that light spot! It was not an as clear light as the first time . . . But it still shocked me a second time! By then my heart was too accelerated and with two shocks, I was unable to keep my relaxation the way it was before. . . . I considered myself as out-of-control. So much for that! The only thing to do was to try to pacify myself and go to sleep, which took a while to settle. The night was filled up with dreams, where I could recognize myself as dreaming.”

August 25th, 1990: “At night, after my ‘brain-exercises,’ I slept for a moment. Then, before I awoke, I saw in front of my forehead a kind of ‘shower of light’ irradiating in a circle, making the shape of a rainbow. Then, all of a sudden it ‘exploded’ producing a shower of light droplets! . . . And I awoke.”

January 5th, 1992:“Last night, when I went to sleep, I had just tried to conceal sleep when suddenly, after some kind of ‘clap-clap’ sounds in my head, I became aware of a light. Immediately after becoming conscious, due to the sounds and the light, the light transformed in an enormous rainbow-like picture, with colors emanating from the center out. It opened up, then closed very quickly, as I awoke.”

February 18th, 1992: “At about 3:00 PM I decided to take a nap. Soon I entered sleep onset, and I felt that I could ‘unglue’ myself, and in an upward movement I released myself . . . I went to the street, already floating, but not too high. I did not worry about floating anymore, as I decided to look at the afternoon sun. Then, from above the street, I looked back in the direction to the house, ignoring it, and up to the sun. The sun appeared in its magnificence, bright and warm! It felt so good that, while floating, I opened my arms and smiled, happy at seeing the sun. Suddenly, the sun disappeared. Surprised, I looked around, and I started to feel the vibrations, very slightly but indubitably, of returning back to my body. I awoke. I wanted to go ‘out’ again and succeeded, but not for too long. During the second return, I could feel the slow deposition of myself to my body. A phenomenon of waves appeared in front of my eyes, which produced a grid-like light pattern. I remained quiet in order to give myself the chance to get out again, but all that happened was that the grid-like light pattern changed from grid-like to wave-like pattern, then back to grid-like, then back to waves. Finally, these light patterns disappeared while I reintegrated completely to my body, and all that remained was a yellow oval spot in front of my eyes.”


Leaving aside whichever physical, psychical, or spiritual explanation, let me describe those phenomena in some detail:


Lights are not always of only one type, as we noted above. They can be “point-like,” for example, and if you are able to fix your attention to it, it may open somehow, shining brightly. Lights can also appear as already bright. Lights may appear as images mingled with dreamlets from your hypnagogic imagery. They may appear like a round moon coming up at the horizon, or like the sundown and it can be red-colored, or dark yellow, or sometimes just plain white. Lights can appear also as if a sudden lightning, oddly followed by a “crack-like” sound, like what happens in an electrical spark. Other times lights appear like “flames of fire,” either small or extended. I also have had instances when lights looked like the opening of a sudden fan in a rainbow-range of colors, similar to one of the experiences described above. I had weird instances where the light looked like a “TV-screen,” bluish and sort of vibrating. Lights can be, for example, just an image of a simple candle, which upon being noticed, transforms itself in an intensely bright light! The variations can go on and on.

Another interesting characteristic of lights is what I call “light-mimicking.” I have noticed these phenomena of light-mimicking — in a more obvious way — after I acquired a Nova-Dreamer from the Lucidity Institute [I2]. Nova-Dreamer is a device designed by the Lucidity Institute to help you to awaken your consciousness while in a dream. This happens mainly while we are in REM-sleep, the phase of sleep where we have rapid-eye-movements, and where we are usually dreaming. I had slept with it for a few nights then spent another few nights not wearing it. I then noticed several instances, while at the sleep onset, of seeing “blinking lights” just like the Nova-dreamer does, even though I was not wearing it! However, that was not new to me. It was a common experience for me, since the time I had started to drive a car at night, that I sometimes would have dreamlets of “moving car-head lights,” while falling asleep. In other instances, the dreamlet was as if somebody in the car ahead of me stepped on the brakes, and the brake-lights suddenly become too bright, bringing me back to full awakening. “Light-mimicking” experiences sometimes can happen after night storms with lightning and thundering. For several nights following a storm, I usually have experiences of seeing flashing lights similar to lightning, while in the sleep onset, sometimes even including the noise of thunder. Of course, fire-works’ shows are good seeds for light-mimicking phenomena, as well.

I have also heard people, who were mediuns from Brazil, suggesting these lights might be an experience of seeing spirits of light. They have experiences of seeing spirits of light, and the suggestion might be considered as one possibility, principally if there is at the same time some type of communication.



It was after observing experiences of “lightning and thunder” at sleep onsets, after storms, that I realized I have been awakened from a few dreams after an explosion happened in these dreams. Some of these explosions — with related dream imagery — were quite loud indeed, at the point of shaking me awaken. Sounds that happen in the sleep or awakening onsets also have an enormous variety, as do the lights. One common sound phenomenon is the sound of wind. Another common sound is like that of wind-chimes’ sounds, or that of one or more bells, or like a glass cup falling on the ground or being hit by something. There also is a whole gamut of weird sounds, that are not comparable to any of our daily awaken sound experiences. I also have had many experiences where I hear music, or voices. These may be considered the equivalent of the hypnagogic and hypnopompic images. (Hypnopompic images happen before awakening, as opposed to falling asleep, when they are called hypnagogic.) They can also be considered as the attempt of contact by incorporeal beings, in both, the voices and music. I had many experiences, which were the voices somehow related with what I had experienced in certain special dreams. Once there was an insistent violin player. . . Again, we frequently dismiss them as just part of the hypnagogic and hypnopompic imagery and dreams weaved by our brain.


Vibrations — hard ones, soft ones

Vibrations, as with sounds and lights, also have a wide variety, and we can observe some of them more frequently than others. There are vibrations that are very electrical, and they even give an impression of being somewhat painful. I consider those of the “hard” type, and I believe that is this type that usually frightens the un-warned experiencer. Vibrations seem to vary in amplitude, and frequency. They can be intense, or they can be soft. However, much current thinking is that vibrations can bring about the OBE experience. Others, including myself, seem to think that they are only one of the characteristics of the onset of the OBE. OBE also happens in a variety of other ways with or without vibrations.



Many accounts of paralysis also include descriptions of vibrations. We just have to realize that vibrations happens with or without paralysis, just as paralysis can happen without vibrations. Cases of these last ones happen, for example, in those situations where we believe to have returned to the body, then, becoming confused that we actually didn’t awake. Or we enter a false awakening situation where we believe we have gotten up from the bed. . . Experienced OBEers, who are able to avoid the false-awakening situations, give the suggestion: think strongly to move at least one finger, and that is a good technique to start moving the body, gradually getting out of paralysis. A person experimenting paralysis, who doesn’t know anything about these phenomena can become intensely frightened. Besides, the hypnagogic or hypnopompic images that can be present at this stage, if the person is falling asleep or coming back awaken, can become an elaborated theater of torture, with scary personages. There are folkloric tales of demons, as tales of incubus and sucubus appearing in these instances, with the person at mercy of those awful dreams. However, with a little effort and persistence, anybody would be able to come out of such uncomfortable situation. They are dreams generated by the subconscious mind, perhaps to justify the uncomfortable situation of paralysis and vibrations, [I2].


Development of extra-sensorial perceptions

It is suggested that the Kundalini development, or awakening, should be the responsible for the development of extra-sensorial capabilities. This is important issue when we consider that the one frequent fact mentioned in experiences described by OBEers is that they frequently have instances of extra-sensorial perceptions. When I joined the Internet and began reading about other modern OBEer’s adventures, I had the opportunity to find others who have also noticed that they somehow developed a few extra-sensorial abilities, while they developed their ability to “leave their physical body” consciously [A3, A5, A6]. As an example, consider the following phenomena of seeing outside my closed eyes, from my personal diary.


November 10, 1995:“. . . [while in an instance of split-consciousness between a dream and awakening] I was aware of something vibrating inside my head, at the center of it . . . a continuous buzzing sound, which appeared to have a ‘rotation’ associated to it. At first, it seemed centered in the head, then it moved lower. I then could feel it close to my neck, and at the back of my mouth. . . While this was going on, I noted something different. I seemed to be seeing the ceiling of my bedroom, which has a border with a shape like the top of an emerald-cut stone. It appeared as if I was looking through a window of a giant eye. When that field of vision closed to a point centered on my forehead, I lost my sight of the outside of my head. . . ‘Oh!’ I thought, ‘I was seeing outside [my closed eyes]!’ That attention calling made this field of vision open again, and once again I could observe the ceiling of my bedroom. I was fascinated, and experimented with this ‘eye.’ It opened and closed many times. The field of vision was the same every time it opened — the ceiling of my bedroom — but when it opened wide, I could see well and look around somehow. I did this only to a short extent, noting details of the ceiling. The shape of the field of vision fascinated me, and I even forgot a little about that vibration, which was still going on inside my head . . . However, after a while, this vibration faded, and I couldn’t ‘open that eye’ anymore. . .”


It could be argued that this experience might not be extrasensorial. However, I believe, from my many experiences of observing the imagery of the hypnagogic and hypnopompic periods, that there is a good possibility that it is. It was not only highly unusual, but the repetitions of “opening and closing of the eye-window” would follow with the same image: that of the ceiling of my bedroom. That field of vision appeared exactly from the position I was lying on my bed. Finally, my notes contain one other instance of this unusual “big-eye” window, centered on the forehead, and others of seeing objects or persons from my lying position on bed.


Energy works?

Recently, while learning to deal with gold-smithing at a neighbor’s jewelry workshop, I had observed a combined play of attention, the feeling of impending danger, and the amazing features and light of the flames. The results were intense experiences of light and energy-like phenomena while in the sleep onset. I have noticed, after bouts of extreme feelings of any kind, that I seem to observe lights & sounds of electricity at sleep onset, which seem to increase in frequency and intensity. That is a good example of the influence of intense emotion, plus the focused attention, in reaching the subconscious mind . . . Or, in producing energy-related events that could be related to Kundalini manifestations.

Could those experiences of light, sounds, and vibration reflect “energy works” of a type we can or can not relate to an electro-chemical energy going on within our nervous system? In principle the answer is “yes.” Any event happening within our organic system, obviously, ought to be the result of electro-chemical processes. However, we don’t know the specifics of these processes: the where and how. Presently, we don’t have scientific answers for them, due to the yet little development of our knowledge about the brain and the nervous system. Despite of the overwhealming amount of what has already been done in this area of academic research, unhappily it is not enough known to answer even basic questions like “the causes of the Alzheimer disease, or how to avoid or heal it.” Much is known about other processes, though still a long way to be even enough to answer all the questions we have about the brain, the nervous system, and its processes. And “Kundalini manifestations” are among the questions researchers don’t have a specific interest to investigate, due of its relation to the religious philosophy. Besides, these phenomena are not only very complex, but not well understood even in its basic description. Meanwhile, we can entertain other points of view or conjectures.

Gopi Krishna insists in his writings that the Kundalini, upon reaching the brain, after flowing upwards via the Sushuma-channel (or via the “pingala” or “ida” channels), from its sleeping place at the base of the spine (called the root-chakra by Yoga), it will stimulate both, our physical brain, and the “non-physical brain.” Also, that the Kundalini, on its way to the brain, will stimulate nerves and cells of the physical body, as well as all the “energy centers” of the “energy-body.” He suggests that an “active Kundalini” might be responsible for the “genius” in many people. But that many “crazies” in hospitals’ psychiatric wards might be just victims of a Kundalini development either gone bad, or plainly misunderstood.

After learning about lights, sounds, vibrations, sudden development of extra-sensorial perceptions, all related to the deep state of relaxation and attention while in meditation, or events of consciousness while falling asleep or awakening, it is easy to suspect of a relation between the Kundalini and these “energy” manifestations. To understand and to know what to do and what not to do about them should be an important issue. However, as of now, there is not much information about what do. I am not sure about yogic breathing and postures. Their objectives seem to be directed to the stimulation of the main chakras, and I have heard of certain Yoga schools having trouble on how to deal with Kundalini manifestations, when they happen spontaneously while performing yogic movements, or during meditation. Bonnie Greenwell presented a few suggestions in her book, above mentioned [B4], and presently it is probably the only book published on this subject, from the point of view of a professional related to psychology.

There is a suggestion that OBEs are dependent on our “energies.” Experienced OBEers can give helpful suggestions. I believe they are worthy of trying, as their knowledge stems from their personal attempts and successes. With relation to the workings of OBEs and its relation to “energy and chakra activation” I would suggest the reader to visit Robert Bruce web-page [A3]. He is a skilled OBEer, and knowledgeable of the workings of what he calls the “energy-body.” He has very useful suggestions on both issues: the OBE, or astral-travel, and the workings of the chakras.


Final Comments

Outside the door to the my house’s back-porch, I have a glass-wind-chime. In the mornings the sun strikes it. When it is windy, there is a play of sun-light striking the moving glass pieces that reflect inside the house. Sometimes, while I am working at the computer, I glance at those moments of moving sun-reflexes. . . My stare has a very objective aim, more than just the enjoyment of the light’s reflection. I stare at the reflections with a knowing that the lights might come back, while falling asleep, shining in my mind. Any play of light works for me. I also really enjoy looking at fluffy clouds sliding through the blue-sky. But, I enjoy it even better, when I discover the sun’s shining on and off, while the clouds move on. I also like to see the sunrise and sunset, with the same intent. The feeling of enjoyment with the beauty of these moments plays a role of contact with my subconscious mind, remembering, while in those very special conditions of falling asleep or awakening from the sleep, or in dreams, that “I am there.” The awakening of my awareness in dreams, or sleep/awakening onsets has always happened this way, even during the times when I was not aware of the possibilities of the communication with the subconscious mind, or of the existence of the “energies of the Kundalini.” Since childhood I have done this kind of “light-play,” for pure enjoyment. Later in life, it was the sun-shine, as if at sunset, that happened my first intense vision of light while falling asleep. One night, for a reason that I can’t recall I started to remember my long bus trips from the university to my parents house. There were Eucalyptus trees planted in both sides of the road. In some of these trips at the end of the day I enjoyed observing the sun blinking through the grove of Eucalyptus trees, as the bus slowly moved uphill. That play was a way of killing time, of course, but that night I was remembering that light play, just enjoying the memory. I approached sleep onset while remembering, and I had a vision of a sun, big and reddish, as if going down in the horizon! The vision was so sudden that I came back alert and very surprised. The vision was not like the memory I was recalling, though. It had its own characteristics, ruling out of a vision of my own memory. . . . And that was the beginning. Since then, I have enjoyed many other “plays of lights,” and the “visions of lights,” while falling asleep or awakening.

Should all these phenomena of lights and sounds be explained away as mere “nerves shutting off or on by the brain,” while we approach the threshold between sleep and awake states? Or to the energy of Kundalini? Or perhaps to “electric properties” of an ethereal body that disconnects from the physical body in OBE’s? Or. . . are they all just plain “hallucinations” from the hypnagogic or to the hypnopompic states?

On August/1994 Stephen LaBerge, from the Lucidity Institute, came to San Antonio for a day workshop on Lucid-dreaming at the Mind Science Foundation, which I attended. By the end of the day, when I had an opportunity, I asked a question to LaBerge about these “lights’ phenomena.” His comment was: “Do you know that if we press a finger at the side of the eye we can see a light?” — I said “yes. . .” as it was one of my childhood discoveries. I didn’t discuss this subject further, preferring instead to ask him about his point of view about sounds and voices we hear while in the sleep onset. His point was that lights and sounds, including voices, the sensation of a presence, and bad-dreams, were all hallucinations from the hypnagogic state. . .

So, I stop here and let the readers experiment and observe by themselves the lights, the sounds and voices, of the hypnagogic imagery, and the vibrations, etc., of the sleep onset. Kundalini flares up? Are they due to nerves shutting down or on? Are they only hypnagogic or hypnopompic imagery? Are they “Spirits of light” coming to you? Or are they accidental pressing of the eyes? . . . In my opinion this in an issue to be studied further.


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[Note: I was able to find within the Sleep Home-Pages in the Internet two very interesting posts. One of them is the announcement of a dedicated web site promoted by the Nocturnal Assault Research Center, located at: http://www.geocities.com/Paris/LeftBank/1700/nocturnal.html. This center develops research into sleep paralysis and night terrors, apparently from the point of view of social, and anthropological sciences. The second announcement came from Jean-Christopher Terrillon(terril@hip.atr.co.jp), Ph.D., from Kyoto, Japan, who is researching the subject of sleep paralysis in a more extended way, both physiologically and psychologically. Dr. Terrillon also announced a discussion group for the exchange of information about what is called as periodic paralysis, and in particular, the Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis, which is a condition brought about when there’s Potassium (which was first called as Kalium) deficiency.]



About Sirley Marques-Bonham (*):

Sirley Marques-Bonham was born in the central hills of Brazil, but now lives with her husband and 13 year old daughter in Austin, Texas (USA). She is a theoretical physicist and a bit of a neuroscientist. In physics she has done theoretical nuclear and relativity physics, but her main work was with mathematical modeling in Einstein’s geometrical/unified field theory. In neuroscience she has done statistical modeling in learning and memory. She became involved with learning about the brain and its workings, through her participation with a cognitive-neuroscience discussion group at University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio (UT-HSC), and her later participation in neuroscience research at University of Texas at Austin. She has also knowledge in brain’s imaging, obtained from her training in medical physics at UT-HSC.

In Brazil she has had involvement with spiritual work of two different types: the spiritist, and the esoteric. While a graduate student in Sao Paulo, she has participated in a group of scientists and students especially formed for the discussion of the paranormal phenomena. Since her teens she has had experiences that can be interpreted as either lucid-dreaming or out-of-body experiences. These experiences have inspired her to start a research on the phenomena of lucid-dreaming and OBE’s, using the method of “Grounded theory,” one of the qualitative-research modern methods. It will be included in this research not only her personal experiences, but also the experiences of modern lucid-dreamers and OBEer’s.

Her motto:“To look at any puzzling events in life from different points of views, without prejudice.”


Sirley Marques-Bonham, Ph.D. –
512 Kingfisher Creek Dr.
Austin, TX 78748 (USA)




By the yoga practices described previously the Sadhaka attains results according to his sanskaras. The complete grace of the Master helps the Sadhaka attain God or by following the instructions of the Master he can enter the realms of Kundalini-Yoga. In this yoga many other practices of Yoga are also included, e.g. practices of pranayam, nectar drinking, hearing the Anhad sound and activation of Tatwas etc. The practices of Kundalini yoga are not done for a long time, therefore it is necessary to take the help of pure yoga practices so that the sadhaka may spend his daily life in a normal way. (The practices of samadhi are complementary to it).
The ancient Indian philosophy postulates that the universe is made up of five basic elements. The human body is also therefore made up of different particles of the five Tatwas. The earth element is of utmost importance because every manifest object is born out through the Earth particles. The mother Kundalini also arises from the particles of the earth. The particles of the element Earth and pranas collide with each other in Mooladhara. The form of light which becomes visible, is broad infront and thin behind. This form so developed is called Kundalini because it generates light in the different spheres of the body. This light has got atoms, momentum and generally it travels from below upwards. The intensity of light is increased by the collision of the particles of Tatwas. This whole practice is called Kindalini Yoga. Complete light can easily be obtained by the practice of Kundalini yoga because sadhaka can generate light, can control it, and is also capable of momentum. The different forms of Kundalini are hidden in the particles of the Tatwas (seed alphabets etc.) just as butter is hidden in the milk. By practice Kundalini exhibits its own form gradually. One needs many years for its complete development. The sadhaka should remember that the origin of kundalini, its development, its completion and perfection depends on the particles of the five tatwas which are made to collide with each other. These tatwas are in fact called seeds because the origin and degeneration of each object depends upon these tatwas.
The light of kundalini moves from one place and stops at other place. These resting places of light are called Chakras. From these chakras the mother kundalini gathers light energy. On complete development it generates power in the whole body. The energy here has different attributes. Each attribute is of the form of a seed alphabet. In this way the mother kundalini bears the energy of 50 seed alphabets. These 50 letters become 1000 because of the ascending and descending orders and one hood of the mother kundalini becomes converted into the thousand petalled one. This thousand petalled lotus provides extreme of peace to the sadhaka. Mother Kundalini does practices with the subtle body up to the thousand petalled lotus and after this the mother moves about freely and provides directions to the subtle body and inspires the sadhaka for the attainment of God. It is proved by the fact that the mother Kundalini repeatedly clarifies the Brahma Randhra. The mother kundalini moves from below upwards. Pranas are also directed from below upwards along with the mother so that they may gradually recognize the path upto Brahma Randhra. The basic differene between the pure yoga practices and the Kundalini yoga is that the mother herself carries the sadhaka to the ultimate goal, therefore there is never any illusion about it while in Yoga practices it is not so. Therefore the practices of Kundalini yoga are better and more powerful. One should practice them in the presence of the Master.

Rules for Kundalini Sadhaka : The following rules should be observed for kundalini yoga practices (1) Practices for activating the kundalini always in the Presence or ( Guidance) of the Master. (2) Daily activity – (a) Activities should increase the satvic attributes, practice should be done before sunrise after discharging the call of nature. (b) During practice face east. (c) The place must be clean and should have good aroma. (d) Cultivate the practice of mental japa. (e) One should be disciplined in his daily routine and should lead a balanced life.

(3) Food : The Kundalini sadhana releases lot of heat in the body therefore in order to save the body from heat and to maintain energy the following food should be consumed
(i) Lot of liquid greasy food eg. milk, butter, and fruit juices (ii) Easily digestible food which does not produce much of Gases (iii) One should not eat repeatedly in large quantity for it produce obstruction in arousing the Kundalini (iv) Pure air and pure water should be used in maximum quantity. The pure air is consumed before sunrise, facing east.

4. Knowledge about the preliminary Yoga Practices :
Before a sadhaka is involved in kundalini yoga he should be conversent with the knowledge and practice of some processes of yoga otherwise Kundalini yoga will only be an imaginative process. Therefore pure yoga practices have already been described in advance. If the Sadhaka has already practiced (them) in an other than he become the deserving one for the knowledge of Kundalini automatically. The basic practices are the following :-
i) Practices for activation of tatwas.
ii) Tankore practices.
iii) Practices for the generation of prana.
iv) Nectar drinking practices.
v) Nada practices.
vi) Practices for samadhi and semi-samadhi.
vii) Postures and Mudras.
viii) Mental japa practice etc.
The above practices are carried out in yoga for kundalini with the following aims:-
1) Practices for activating tatwas :- It is only after these practices that kundalini become Visible in Mooladhra. The collison between there tatwas gives origin to sound and light
2) Tankore :- It is used for arousing and activating kundalini. The sounds of seed alphabets are also clarified by it.
3) Prana Practices :- These are essential for nadi purification, generation of the sounds of alphabets, subtle body knowledge and Antah-Karan.
4) Nectar drinking :- For energy and activity.
5) Samadhi Practices :- For the attainment of the ultimate aim and for Brahmand practices.
6) Postures and Mudras :- Lotus posture and that of Adepts is helpful in kundalini yoga Mudras Purify the flow of pranas in the body.
In order to save the kundalini from dis-organisation the sadhaka should keep the following in mind :
i) Avoid bad company and evil thoughts.
ii) The food should be satvik, it should not be heavy.
iii) Mantra japa should be maximum.
iv) The practices should be done at the fixed time.
v) Never forget to remember the Master before starting the practices.

About Chakras

5 Things You Should Know About Chakras

If I hear any more New Age claims about chakras this or chakras that, I think I’m going to puke.

Yes, indeed there are such things as chakras.

Yes, indeed they do “open” or develop when you truly tread the spiritual trail.

However, enlightenment does not lie in chakras or kundalini fire.

Here’s a few things about chakras you need to know.

One: While chakras do exist, you cannot “open” them by any method other than by having your chi flow through them. The safest way to have that happen is by practicing “emptiness meditation” that abandons holding onto thoughts.

When you let go of the habit of holding on to your thoughts, they start to die down. Next, the chi flows that are normally interrupted in your body due to your grasping your thoughts are replaced by the natural, inherent optimal chi flows of the body. These chi flows are supposed to be here, but they are the ones which disappear because of intellectual activities. Because you cling to thoughts and interrupt these chi flows, that’s why you are not healthier, psychic and enlightened!

If you ever wondered why kids can develop psychic abilities rather quickly it’s because their minds are relatively empty of this clinging.

Now in time this proper chi flow, once restored because you practice “emptiness meditation,” will clean out the obstructions from your chi channels. That is the meaning of your “chakras opening,” and it takes time.

When you get massaged, listen to music that relaxes you, get crystals waved all over you — that sort of thing — they’re going to do nothing for your chakras and true spiritual development. If you hear anyone claiming this so as to market their seminar or retreat, forget it.

Two: Even if you do “open up” all your chakras, which means that your chi channels have been cleared through-and-through, that doesn’t mean you’re enlightened.

That achievement is a good base for treading the path to enlightenment, but it isn’t enlightenment itself. That accomplishment will help you achieve samadhi, but you can achieve all sorts of samadhi attainments, superpowers and psychic abilities and still not realize your original nature.

Realizing who you are — your original nature or absolute being — is what the spiritual path is all about. After that — after “Seeing the Tao” or “Seeing God’s face” — the next task involves wiping out your lingering negative habit energies, transforming your body so that it’s completely transformed as a perfect conduit for the Tao (the ultimate union of matter and mind), and working on service-filled activities to help others.

What does that have to do with chakras?

Three: There’s no such thing as someone being able to open your chakras for you. The entire path of spiritual development is one of personal efforts, as Shakyamuni Buddha said. Yes you are saved — everyone is saved because they share in the same original nature or God essence — but to reach the mental state wherein you realize that and can prove it requires the road of self-cultivation practice.

Shakyamuni Buddha gave hundreds if not thousands of cultivation methods people could use to help clear their minds, harmonize their chi and purify their body’s five elements — which as an umbrella task includes purifying and opening the chakras — but in all that he said you still have to do it yourself. Countless other masters and spiritual greats have said the same thing. Another person can point the way and assist you now and then, but the path is yours and the responsibility is yours. Progress can only come from you.

So when you hear of someone who can open your chakras for you, turn around and walk right out that door once again. They don’t know what they’re talking about or even if they do, that sort of marketing approach shows they’re trying to rob you of self-responsibility for the spiritual path, and you want a teacher or friend who doesn’t encourage dependency.

Four: As your chi channels do start to open and become purified when you practice meditation, you will indeed encounter friction inside your chi channels. This can cause all sorts of temporary reactions. However, none of this stuff is permanent and none of this stuff is to be feared.

Books such as the Hatha Yoga Pradipika or Tao and Longevity talk about these events. How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization goes into these changes and sequences most deeply.

The stages of spiritual development do indeed exist and you have to go through them just as you have to go through puberty. But here’s the thing — you don’t have to guide the process because the body knows what it’s doing. All you do is ignite the process through your spiritual efforts, and the rest happens itself. So forget about having to visualize this or that chi flow in the body or some macro- or micro-cosmic circulation. Forget all that stuff because what’s really going to happen will happen naturally. All you have to do is ignite the process.

In fact, when you really ignite the inherent chi of your body, that’s when your kundalini energies will arise. But that’s just a stage called “Warming” on the spiritual trail. It’s just an initial stage of spiritual progress because there are many more stages to go.

You can use breathing exercises to do this igniting or visualization practices or all sorts of other efforts, but frankly, having a “vacuum in the head” from cultivating emptiness will “draw up the chi from below” and get the whole process going. It’s the safest and surest means of cultivation that’s in line with the Tao.

Think about it!

Five: If I hear one more person who’s said they’ve opened up their head chakra or heart chakra I’m simply going to scream.

Yes that does happens, but only at advanced stages of spiritual cultivation when you really have all sorts of advanced spiritual attainments. When the head chakra really opens it feels like it’s going to explode. The same goes for the heart chakra.

Prior to a real opening, the chi channels around that area will open but not fully. That’s why people say “they’re opening.” Suffice it to say that if they were really open you would already be in the category of the sages and since you’re not, stop repeating that nonsense, get back to the basics of meditation, and let whatever progress come that comes. Rest assured they are not already opened.

If you want to learn more, I suggest buying Tao and Longevity or our meditation manual, How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization. The cases studies in that manual show all sorts of ordinary practitioners who truly worked through these various aspects of chakra development — the rudimentary stages and the advanced stages involving enlightenment.

But remember, chakra development is simply a very low stage of cultivation that involves the purification or transformation of your body, the physical nature. They are a physical thing, not a spiritual thing. They happen along the path to spiritual development but the real progress has to do with your wisdom, your mind and human behavior. In addition to meditation, that’s where your practice efforts should lie.

SExual Energy

Channeled in 1983 by Birgit Klein, from her spiritual guide Johannes. – * –


The sexual energy or the Kundalini energy is the Divine energy, which can give rise to the physical and spiritual junction, and which contain the seed for transcendence in all thinkable ways. It is actually not only active in the sex act, it is a general cosmic energy, which has an important function in every human being’s spiritual development.

This energy springs from the Root chakra, from which it in the most important of the human processes rises and extends up through all the other chakras, and the final goal is to have this energy flowing freely through all the chakras, creating a circuit where the energy flow up through the spinal cord indicates how far one has come spiritually.

A free-flowing sexual energy is not established within a couple of years, it is a very comprehensive process, which it takes many years to get a hold on. Therefore you should be very careful with meditation techniques, because some of them may cause a too early and too violent activation of this energy.

 As a rule of thumb you should keep in mind that in the beginning of the cleansing process you should avoid any violent physical techniques, and you must never exaggerate anything you have begun with, even if it has an apparently positive effect. Any exaggerations regarding e.g. long and deep meditations may cause the Kundalini energy to run amuck and cause disturbances and imbalances.

You must always let your intuition guide you to what is good or what is bad for you. If you do not feel good about a certain technique, then do not listen to any explain away’s and “authorized” answers – find a guide who you have confidence in, and stop doing the things which you feel are harmful to you. Human beings are different and similarly they need different techniques for their development – what is good for one person may be bad for another.

The Kundalini energy must therefore be handled according to what it is – a good servant, but a dangerous enemy. It is often symbolized by a sleeping snake, and just as a snake is potentially dangerous, so is the Kundalini energy. It must rise of its own accord, quiet and peacefully, through years of transcendence and patient development. Therefore one should always be careful with techniques which makes everything proceed faster – some people are ready for this, while others (and that is the majority) are not.


The Kundalini energy is only sporadically mentioned, and perhaps it may be a bit difficult to understand what it really is. The spiritual part of reality, the spiritual dimension, is a more delicate vibration of the physical dimension, or perhaps one could say that the physical, material part of reality is a coarser vibration of the spiritual. In the spiritual universe the leading element is energy, it is an energy that comes from God, it is actually God’s vibrations or his aura.

God is our creator, he has created all that is, and it is through a gigantic discharge of his energy that the whole process of creation is started. The energy which exists in the spiritual universe is manifesting in different concentrations within each single individual, and the Kundalini energy is equivalent to this energy in each human being.

When the physical life is the dominating aspect, then the Kundalini energy remains latent within a human being’s root chakra, and it is only used sporadically, e.g. during the sex act, where there is a possibility for different kinds of transcendence which activate it to a more or lesser degree. When you begin to cleanse yourself, cleanse your chakras, and transcendent your blockages and tensions, then the Kundalini energy begins to extend up through your spiritual body, and the goal is a fully enlightened human being, whose spiritual and physical body is surrounded by Divine energy, flowing through the chakras in a circuit which mainly is experienced as an upward flow through the spinal cord. From being a closed unit, with blocked chakras and an inactive Kundalini energy, the human being has become an open channel for Divine energy, where God’s energy can flow freely through all the chakras and create the most beautiful aura in all the colors of the rainbow.

Within the moment of orgasm a very important connection between the physical and the spiritual body is opened, a connection which could be said to consist of a number of very delicate channels, which otherwise remain closed. The activation of the Kundalini energy during the sex act is the motor that opens these channels, and therefore it is very important that this act is done in the right spirit, with the right thoughts and feelings, for it is definitely not unimportant how one uses the powerful energy that begins to flow within both the physical and the spiritual body.

If love is involved in the process which is activating the Kundalini energy, then it is much easier for this energy to flow to the heart chakra, this way activating this important chakra. But if the act is devoid of love, then the energy will rather flow to e.g. the solar plexus chakra, where this energy may have a negative effect, e.g. by creating impurities or imbalances, which may have a negative influence on a persons spiritual development. A too rapid and violent rising of the Kundalini energy, e.g. through powerful meditation techniques, may therefore have a disturbing effect on ones spiritual development, because it create disturbances in different chakras. A poorly balanced solar plexus chakra may in less severe cases make one very sensitive to bad vibrations, to other peoples thoughts, and to the realities of this world in general.

In more severe cases this inexpedient Kundalini rising may cause mental disturbances of a more severe character, depressions, and also schizophrenia-like conditions. But as not to create any unnessecary anxiety by saying this, I would like to point out, that it actually takes quite a lot to cause severe problems. In most cases it just means a delay of the spiritual development, because people who have their Kundalini energy Activated are often seekers, who have been set to work with their spiritual development in different ways.

The correct rising of the Kundalini energy must proceed in a quiet and peaceful manner, through a patient cleansing process of long duration, where one is involved in several different things – an active and loving sex life, meditation, and an active life where one is more focused on helping others than just being concerned with ones own life.

Love is the mainstay, and if you are in doubt if some of the things you are doing has a negative or a positive effect on your spiritual development, then just ask yourself, if your or other people’s actions are motivated by love. If you are able to transcend your own egoistic motives, and instead try to stay focused on giving, then the Kundalini energy will begin to rise in a quiet and peaceful manner, no matter what else you are doing. The road to enlightening, to complete human development, is first of all paved with actions of love.


Many Eastern religions and sects have the idea, that an active sex life will delay the full rising of the Kundalini energy, because it will be fixated to the sex chakra, so that it cannot reach the higher chakras. This is only partially true, for if the parties in a sexual relationship really love each other, then their love on the contrary will make the Kundalini energy rise in a more harmonic way, and in a way which is very beneficial to the spiritual development.

But if one’s sex life is based on selfish and purely biological desires, then the energy will easily be fixated, and in more severe cases blockages will be created in the higher chakras. A life based upon love, in combination with an active and regular sex life, is one of the best ways to cleanse oneself and can be a very important factor in one’s spiritual development. – * – Copyright Birgit Klein. Translated from her book “Jorden doer uden kaerlighed” (Without love the Earth will die).

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