Cura energética

Energy Healing

Energy healing works with subtle energies such as “Chi(Qi), “Prana” or “Reiki” to name a few. There are many energy healing modalities out there and all of them are effective in their own way. The truth is that an energy healer such as myself is merely a channel or medium for the Divine Light (Energy). The Divine Light goes through my crown and chakra (energy vortex) system and out through my hands to the subject. Hence, energy healers are also called “facilitators” by some because they hold the “space” of Divine Energy where healing can occur. This “space” forms a dome surrounding both healer and subject and is disrupted once the healing session is over.

What to expect?

Healing can occur on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. The extent or level(s) at which it occurs depends largely on the subject and the subject’s intent to be healed is very important too. There are some who hold onto their past, grief, etc…or fear of what change may bring. In most cases, healing will occur at least on one of the levels. It may not seem to be so to the subject, however. This is most true for those who are about to cross-over. Their physical symptoms may not seem to lighten but the clearance from their karmic and emotional bodies will lighten their spirit and calm their mind in preparation to cross-over to the Light (to leave Earth Plane). At other times, the healing energy will stay with the subject and cause a gradual shift in the energy surrounding them and to impact a greater change in their life.

    In general, some of the results that can be expected include:

  • Increased clarity to make better decision/choices in life
  • Boosts in energy (more energetic)
  • Becoming more peaceful and serene
  • Relief from physical pains/illnesses
  • Giving up unfavorable habits
  • Releasing emotional baggage
  • Better awareness
  • Greater sense of Inner Self/Higher Self
  • Clearing of karmic energy at a subconscious level
  • Releasing negative emotions such as fear, anger, depression, resentment etc.

During each session, I connect with your energy field and I work on your chakras to balance them. This ensures a continous flow of “Chi”. I use several modalities such as Kundalini, Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki, Ki Manna, Violet Flame Reiki and Seven Rays. In this process, I channel the subtle energies from a Divine Source to clear any blockage in your chakras/energy fields to remove the dis-ease as guided by a Higher Power. Before I end each session, I would perform a process called “chelation” whereby I fill your energetic body with streams of Divine Energy (a process similar to how air is being filled into a balloon). The healing will always work if you desire it on at least one of the levels. The healing that occurs honors your Freewill and is always in alignment with the Highest Good for all.

Below I give a brief description of the different modalities that I use. The different energies that I access may be felt as warm, cool, breezy, light, cold, gentle, soft etc. to the subject. Many see the colors of the Seven Ray energies that I channel in my session. In general, when I am doing a healing session, I work intuitively and let Spirit guide me through to work on you.


Kundalini energy is a primodial energy that resides in every single one of us at the coccyx. This energy is the Divine Source that connects us with All There Is. This energy is still active in babies and small children where it rises through the fontanelle to connect with the Divine Source. At this stage of innocence and purity, often times the young ones are intuitive, energetic and still able to perceive guides, angelic beings or what some may called as their “imaginary friends”. Life is still carefree before conditioning from family, society, environment and peer groups sets in. This eventually develops into energy blockage as they can manifest into physical symptoms and we can seem to lose our zest in life too. Family, relationship, career, financial, or health problems may set in. As we grow older, we lose Divine Guidance and the Kundalini energy stays dormant. Slowly, we forget our inter-connection with the others and begin to believe that we are separated and alone. Some may even fall into the darker side and hurt others without knowing that we are all inter-connected.

Kundalini awakening or self-realization is a spiritual process to reclaim our divinity and be reconnected to the Divine Source. It is a spiritual awakening to become our own Master and embark on a spiritual path towards fulfilling our Higher Purpose or Divine Plan. A cool breeze can be felt on the crown chakra where the fontanelle is when Kundalini rises. The qualities of the chakras will start to express spontaneously as Kundalini is awakened and thus, bring us closer to our true essence which is Divine.


Usui Reiki is the most common and well known healing modality. It is a simple but profound system of natural healing founded by Dr Mikao Usui who lived in Japan during the nineteenth century. In Chinese, Rei means “universal” and ki means “Life Force Energy”. This Universal Life Force Energy is the foundation of all life, the cosmic nourishment that sustains and supports all living things on earth. Through this common thread of energy, the essence of our beings is reconnected to achieve balance and harmony, promoting health and well-being. Reiki is a way of life and by embracing Reiki in one’s life, compassion is cultivated, leading to wisdom and a deeper sense of awareness.

Besides sharing Reiki with others, Dr Usui introduced Five Reiki Principles as a daily part of Reiki practice:

Just for today do not worry.
Just for today do not anger.
Honor your parents, teachers, and elders.
Earn your living honestly.
Show gratitude to every living thing.

There are Four levels of Reiki : First Degree, Second Degree, Advanced and Masters. First and Second Degrees teach how to use Reiki on oneself and sharing with others. They comprised the total power of Reiki. The Advanced level is taught to those who wish to become a Reiki teacher. Masters level is achieved after one has taught Reiki to a student.


Violet Flame is one of a series of cosmic rays that brings in energy for a specific purpose from the Divine Source to us on this plane. The Violet Ray is the 7th ray and is responsible for transformation and transmutation of energy. Violet Flame Reiki (VFR) was discovered by Ivy Moore while meditating upon Quan Yin. Wishing to develop better healing skills using Reiki, she received approximately forty symbols for this purpose. She called this ‘old’ new symbols Reiki “Violet Flame” , and dedicated it to the Lady Quan Yin who gently attuned her to the symbols she had received. Quan Yin (Kwan Yin), The Goddess of Mercy (The Goddess of Compassion) as she is known by many Buddhists, is the Bodhisattva who refused to ascend as a Master, until all of humanity was allowed to leave the wheel of reincarnation, and their tears were healed. She is the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness. Her color is lavender, or a soft shade of St. Germaine’s Violet Flame. It is a golden violet – the color of healing and protection. Quan Yin means “one who hears the cries of the world.”

This Reiki has a warm compassionate touch, and offers a great healing to both body and spirit. There are four levels of this Reiki, but the attunement can be given at one time, or over a series of appointments to any student of Usui Reiki II or above, mainly due to the large number of symbols. Those being attuned to this Tradition of Reiki would come to understand the uses of the symbols on their own. This supports the student to meditate and do spiritual work on his or her own. Violet Flame Reiki is a system that encourages a person to “listen” to their inner/higher self while giving a Reiki session.


Ki is a type of Universal life force energy that links us to an energy that works through light, sound and vibration. Manna is a type of solid life force energy that links the universal energy together to help manifest the sounds, light waves and frequencies into a solid energy that can be worked upon in a body. Ki Manna energy is an energy used in conjunction with other healing modalities. The symbol used to open this universal energy is called the Master Healing Symbol. This symbol also activates and balances the male/female energy in ourselves. The bonus is that this symbol brings all the fragmented parts of the “self” back together as ONE for total healing on all levels. It then causes a synergistic effect that at the same time brings out and clears away all negativity. This filters down and affects all involved. This symbol is good for working on past lives, family members and friends of those who are having the healing – as what affects one person with a certain problem, affects others who are associated with that person.The symbol works with creative thoughts. The more open and imaginative the Master Healer, the more powerfully this symbol works. It vibrates well with all forms of meditation and creative visualizations.

There are 11 master number frequencies with this symbol:

One represents unconditional love to oneself.
Two represents polarity – the twin souls and balance to the male and female energies in us thus providing a perfect balance within.
Three is about vibrations and rhythm which enhance creativity.
Four provides measure, order and alignment to the soul and body.
Five creates a center for resolution and understanding.
Six unblocks painful memories and heals them with courage and conviction.
Seven is the mystical powers and the hidden senses that open up our psychic abilities.
Eight provides harmonic balance.
Nine embodies greater cycles that bring healings in a global manner.
Ten embodies manifestation.
When the symbol vibrates to the power of eleven, it reaches the humanitarian vibration that transcends through time and space. This allows us to work intuitively to help others in their healing journey.

Picture of the Ki Manna energy!


Karuna Ki is an advanced form of Reiki created by Vincent Amador. Karuna Ki Reiki is in no way affiliated with Karuna Reiki, which is trademarked by William Rand. The basic principle of Karuna Ki is the connection to (and becoming) the embodiment of compassion both for healing self and others, and to send healing and compassion to all creation. It is heart-centered and focuses on the loving compassion of all creation. Karuna in Sanskrit means compassion. There are thirteen Karuna symbols taught in 3 levels to those who have attained Usui Reiki Master level. The Karuna symbols seem to help channel a specific stream of energy that some have said to be more focused than Usui Reiki.


Although The Seven Rays healing information was channeled by Gloria Grayson in 1987, the knowledge of these Divine Lights are eons old. Those who are drawn to this work were the ancient healers of Atlantis who have known this work before and have a deep sense of recognition. The Seven Rays healing is a very powerful and highly diversified healing that heals all human conditions, including the soul’s “karmic baggage” from past lives. There are Seven Rays : Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Green, Indigo and Violet which correspond to Seven Ascended Masters. Each Ray possesses a specific force and vibration for healing different conditions at all levels and is guided and regulated by an Ascended Master. The depth of knowledge that the Ascended Masters have to share is limitless.


Energia kundalini

What is The Kundalini?
By StarStuffs

Kundalini is the Hindu word for the “sacred transformative energy that awakens consciousness”, “the coiled,” or the “Serpent power”. In India there are thousands of books in Sanskrit and other regional languages of the country, dealing with this holy subject. Kundalini has also been known for thousands of years among occultists, hermeticists, alchemists and esoteric mystery cults throughout Europe. Many cultures across the world revere the snake as holy with demonstrative healing powers, thus aptly named “The Serpent Power”.

The Kundalini is the Primal Life Force for all Creation that is “stored” and latent at the base of the spine. We are born naturally with this energy in which it awaits activation in later years. The aspirations for many who do chakra meditations along with yoga traditions, is to clear the energy centers to allow the Universal Energy of the Kundalini to flow naturally and unhindered. The energy moves upward from the root chakra along the spinal column to the crown. It then showers up and out within the auric layers in an ovular field and cycles back to the body – the process continues like a huge circuit. It is the foundation and basis in the Cosmic Consciousness that produces various degrees of enlightenment.

For the most part the Kundalini is a result of mental/spiritual progression as in working on the chakras and the body through meditation, prayers, bodywork, breath work or various yoga or sexual practices. The power points are worked with, cleansed and healed. For what good is the Kundalini if the energy is blocked and cannot move upward? Sometimes emotional traumas (death of someone, near death experience) and physical traumas (childbirth, menopause, accidents) may shock the body to allow the Kundalini to be opened. In some people, the Kundalini force can awaken spontaneously for no apparent reason other than it’s spiritually time to do so. Spontaneous Kundalini activation seems to increasing in frequency as well. Perhaps this is due to an overall global transformation toward enlightenment. The awareness of the Kundalini is a spiritual step in transforming human consciousness, an emergence to our natural state of Being One with the cosmos. The mystical mind is forever changed by the Kundalini awakening.

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Kundalini and The Chakras:

When the chakras are cleansed and emotions have healed one may feel open, clean, wonderful joy and balance. Sometimes this may be mistaken as Kundalini rising, which in fact, is a part of the whole. If you look at the Kundalini as flowing through water dams of the chakras, as the Kundalini rises there is an activation of the properties of that chakra. Many gates are opened at this point so there are numerous symptoms that accompany this transition: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and increased psychic abilities. Also I might add, when we undergo any spiritual change, or there is a cosmic flux, regardless of the Kundalini, we will experience nearly the same symptoms. So going with the flow of things and being energetically aware is important.

Some report the Kundalini being activated at different chakra points other than the root/base chakra. As in the above mentioned, the Kundalini is part of the whole. So if a chakra is “more clear” the Kundalini energy could be more “prevalent” in that sector and eventually will start spreading to other points, as in the example of the Kundalini coming from the top chakra down to the lower ones. From the “top down” is sometimes referred to as Grace and embraces the concept of a spiritual awakening. Kundalini primarily concerns itself with the root chakra with the energy moving upward along the spine.

The action of the “top down” also coincides with the “descension and ascension” process. In “descension” energy is coming down through the spheres passing into your auric energy, ultimately permeating your body. The Life Force is an amazing “creature” and is a gift from Spirit, no matter the way, form or circumstance it becomes activated.

Ki, Chi and Prana are synonymous as the same Life Force in which some people seem to get confused. You’re not alone. Swami Shivom Tirth said that “the difference is not in the nature of the activity but in the consciousness that observes it.” Perhaps Ki, Chi and Prana are merely part of the whole making up a common set of experiences that connect them. The Kundalini is hallmarked and documented as dealing with the central channel of the spine directly. Whereas, Ki, Chi and Prana are “more” all pervading, they are your Life Force regardless of the Kundalini rising. However, when the Kundalini is activated is does increase your awareness of Ki, Chi and Prana in all things.

Chakra location, human body Frequency chakra locations, Kundalini awakening, kundalini power, kundalini energy, kundalini serpent, kundalini circuit chakra color, chakra imbalances, chakra clearings, chakra cleanings, chakra balancing,energy healing, body energy


When the Kundalini springs forth, there is a tremendous energy surge. It is likened to a cosmic explosion within a tiny structure, the body. This may be felt throughout the body as a vibration, buzzing, stinging sensation sometimes see as a kaleidoscope of rushing dancing lights in the mind’s eye. An inner light, heavenly sounds, mystical chimes, or the cosmic all-pervading Om sound may be heard and felt. There may be a strong overall electrical feeling to your body. This may also make you more sensitive to many vibrations of daily activities: sounds are louder, colors are brighter and clarity of surroundings and thoughts. One may have dreams of spiritual and religious symbols, most notably a snake integrating within your body. The psychic sense of smelling sweet odors, hearing music and singing. The existence and development of the Kundalini will mark the person with the permanently co-existing awareness to God/Tao/Spirit, a feeling of Bliss, Oneness, Ecstasy, Nirvana. Many scholars feel opening the heart chakra is often the key to awakening the Spirit of the Kundalini. Thus an overwhelming love for all things.

The power that is released is (may be) very uncomfortable the first time you feel it. And you will realize that something is drastically different. The surge is incredible, springing like a snake with such force up through your chakras that your awareness is heightened to an insurmountable level. It may “strike” you by surprise the first time. While meditating this may happen and it easily breaks your concentration because of the surge. It breaks concentration from the mere force of it. One cannot stay “there” for long without some practice. Total awareness and concentration is required within this level. One is ultimately propelled through space and time.

Upon doing energy exercises (meditating) you may later feel a very strong but gentle figure-eight motion of the energy coursing through the chakras/body/mind. You may even feel like your body is actually moving like a gyroscope as the vortex of energy circulates. It is an amazing feeling! Don’t awaken or lose concentration – it is the Kundalini. At this point there is a symbiosis within your body. Just Be.

Since we are dealing with Universal Energy, the Kundalini energy works on the chakras as well; cleaning any residual by cleansing and heightening the chakra pieces of the energy puzzle. This is why some people may feel so much discomfort at times. But in essence, the discomforts shouldn’t last too long. It is a good sign to actively work on the chakras and it’s properties, cleaning, clearing, grounding and most of all circulating the energy. The chakras hold memories, feelings and emotions so it’s important to regularly clean and clear these points to allow for smooth Kundalini energy to flow. Also, one should get used to the ‘new’ energy of the whirling open chakras before ‘attempting’ to ‘touch’ the Kundalini force. In the dam example mentioned earlier, the water/energy needs to flow. If you recognize it early you can get a good start in dealing with the energies.

Chakra location, human body Frequency chakra locations, Kundalini awakening, kundalini power, kundalini energy, kundalini serpent, kundalini circuit chakra color, chakra imbalances, chakra clearings, chakra cleanings, chakra balancing,energy healing, body energy


The Kundalini can be dangerous in the respect that is can cause terrible headaches, increased body temperature, extreme anxiety along with other numerous symptoms within the body and mind. Sometimes the symptoms become severe if the energy isn’t balanced. Prolonged symptoms could lead to mental neurosis and cronic physical pains. We automatically and naturally want to fight what is happening within us, especially since we don’t fully understand the process. If we recognize the body as energy, we should be able to tune into any symptoms and help balance the Kundalini energy promptly. The same is for chakra work, which is the starting ground for body-energy awareness. Once the feelings are recognized, we can then deal accordingly with the energies. Recognizing it is half the battle.

In working with the body, mind and spirit, if you suspect the kundalini, or the chakras for that matter, are giving you a tough time. Focus on the chakra and/or root chakra that is uncomfortable, permeating it with white light while diffusing what the “problem” is. Then merely cirulate all the rainbow energy up and out. White light is also healing and helps clean and clear out unwanted energy. There is a suggested chakra meditation that may help in this as well.

If you are feeling any physical problems please consult your physician to make sure you are taking care of the physical. To take care of your spiritual, please see a healer, therapist, guides, or guru. Please use your own best judgment and go with someone you trust. There is a big difference in working with “batteries” versus “power lines” so please be careful and progress as much as you feel comfortable with. It should be a wonderful experience not a traumatic one.

Ki, chi, prana e energia

Qi, Chi, Ki ou Prana?
Por: José Joacir dos Santos

MEDICINA ORIENTAL – A saúde depende da respiração

Faz menos de um século que a grande maioria dos chineses veio a conhecer energia elétrica. Eles não tinham muito conhecimento nessa área mas há mais de três mil anos sabiam dos benefícios da respiração correta e da definição da energia universal: Qi, Chi, Ki or prana. Imagine os tibetanos, que desde 1948 estão sob ocupação e ainda vivem com lamparinas à base de óleo animal e vegeral, mas já tinham tratados de medicina, de fitoterapia e de psicologia. Essa informação serve para valorizar ainda mais todo o conhecimento sobre medicina em geral, vindo dessas civilizações antigas, repassado pelos xamãs, monges, monges-médicos, diretamente conectados com a espiritualidade porque não havia ciência do jeito que ela se define hoje no Ocidente. Isso é difícil de ser entendido por algumas camadas da sociedade brasileira, especialmente as elites da medicina oficial por causa de uma falha na nossa cultura, por causa da nossa idade: Temos cerca de 500 anos e não herdamos um conhecimento mais profundo dos nossos antepassados indígenas, que não conheciam a escrita, e já avançamos muito no conhecimento da energia como um todo, até nuclear, sempre importado, e ainda falta muito.

Eles sabiam o que era energia universal e a ela deram o nome de Chi ou Qi em chinês, ki em japonês e prana nas línguas indianas. O estudo do Qi é parte essencial da medicina oriental e de todas as terapias vindas do Oriente como acupuntura, Chi Kung (QiQong), Reiki, massagem medicinal, fitoterapia. Qi é a energia que vem do ar e alimenta a todos os seres vivos, inclusive plantas, minerais, animais. No ser humano, além do Qi que vem do ar e respiramos, existe o Qi herdado dos nossos pais, e o Qi de tudo que comemos ou bebemos – coisas fritas e supercozidas perdem o Qi. Cada órgão humano tem um Qi diferente, que interage com os demais. O Qi do ar e o Qi dos alimentos se misturam e então é chamado de Qi do Fogo (ou Fogo do Qi, o elemento Fogo). É o Qi do Fogo que nos faz viver e esse Qi precisa ter qualidade, tanto do ar que respiramos quando dos alimentos que ingerimos (e a relação com os cinco elementos). Pessoas que respiram mal ou não sabem respirar e ou comem mal produzem baixa qualidade de energia (Qi do Fogo) e assim se candidatam ao enfraquecimento e às doenças. Aqui os praticantes de Reiki logo compreendem porque a terapia precisa de uma iniciação: porque o KI do Rei-Ki é outra corrente eletromagnética de Qi, que só é repassada através da iniciação, feita por um mestre credenciado. Uma pessoa não-iniciada pode transmitir apenas o Qi do ar e dos alimentos, mas não o Qi eletromagnético da cura. Esse eletromagnetismo vem pelo ar e se transforma na mente. É é sutil, isto é, não é material, é transmissível e está relacionado ao espírito (Shen, em chinês). O praticante de Chi Kung, ou uma pessoa não iniciada em Reiki, pode transmitir energia para outra pessoa com a finalidade de equilibrar um órgão físico e essa energia é a que ele treinou através dos exercícios de Chi Kung, isto é, a energia Qi dele mesmo – do ar e dos alimentos. A agulha de acupuntura ativa a energia Qi física.

Quem não sabe respirar? Aquelas pessoas que respiram pelos pulmões! Sim, a respiração correta não é pelos pulmões e sim pelo diafragma. Todos os bebês nascem respirando corretamente pelo diafragma, isto é: quando respiram a barriga aumenta, quando exalam a barriga encolhe. São os pais e educadores que fazem a criança começar a respirar erradamente. Lembro das aulas de educação física, onde os instrutores diziam: respire, encha o pulmão de ar! A respiração pelo pulmão torna esse órgão deficiente nas suas principais funções, entre as quais, misturar o Qi do ar com o Qi dos alimentos e enviar essa energia para o coração (Qi do Fogo do Coração), que a transporta para todo o corpo. Este texto é para o público em geral, então não explicarei com detalhes esse processo que é mais complexo ainda. Basta saber que se a respiração não é realizada corretamente o dióxido de carbono que vem no ar e respiramos não é expelido corretamente pelo sangue e é revestido para o adoecimento. Quando o diafragma faz a respiração, a energia universal vital Qi percorre toda a circulação e alimenta todas as células e órgãos do corpo. Nunca é tarde para re-aprender a respirar usando o diaframa: respira e empurra a barriga para a frente. Expira e empurra a barriga para dentro. Com a prática o corpo reaprende e a diferença na qualidade de vida é enorme, inclusive mental. Deficiência respiratória, herdada ou nos idosos, é exatamente porque o pulmão perdeu a força e o diagrama nunca foi utilizado corretamente. Então, ensine às crianças a respirar. O pulmão é quem ajuda no movimento dos demais órgãos. É Qi quem comanda o sangue. A energia Qi percorre o sangue como se fosse uma aura. Quando Qi é eficientemente trabalhado entre diafragma e pulmão, a pele se renova e a imunidade aumenta. Quando Qi é deficiente afeta todos os líquidos do corpo: incontinência urinária (deficiência do Qi dos Rins), excesso de suor, inclusive noturno (deficiência do Qi do pulmão), corrimento vaginal (deficiência do Qi do Baço), problemas musculares. Depressão, ansiedade e problemas mentais estão diretamente relacionados pela deficiência Qi, por má alimentação e má respiração. Congestionamento das vias respiratórias deve ser tratado com fitoterapia e exercícios físicos ao ar livre, em área livre de poluição, e pode ter outras implicações, quase todas elas emocionais – falta de vontade de viver, medo, angustia prolongada… Má alimentação significa falta de frutas, verduras, legumes, proteínas cozidas.A respiração errada ou o congestionamento dos pulmões por ar impuro, fumaça, fumo, etc., é responsável por doenças degenerativas, envelhecimento, perda de memória, problemas emocionais profundos. Fumantes podem ter longa vida, mas sem qualidade, só vegetam. Daí porque viciados em maconha e em outras drogas são profundamente afetados na saúde mental e física. A emoção está diretamente ligada à respiração porque o nosso corpo foi feito para respirar oxigênio. A má respiração ou a falta de oxigênio gera confusão mental, insônia, pesadelos, sonhos em excesso, falta de clareza nos pensamentos, incapacidade de ver a realidade de si mesmo, dor-de-cabeça e irritação – o Fogo não circula corretamente ou simplesmente pára. A emoção também se relaciona com os órgãos internos, por exemplo: Raiva retira a energia Qi do fígado; Medo retira a energia Qi da Bexiga e dos Rins. Isto é, pessoa que tem infecção constante nessa área pode ter passado por traumas prolongados ligados ao medo. O Dr. Jwing-Ming, autor do livro “As raízes chinesas do Qiqong” diz que “para regular as suas emoções, a equilibrar a mente, e ter uma longa vida com qualidade, você precisa respirar corretamente”. Comece a treinar isso hoje e depois de diga os resultados positivos. José Joacir dos Santos é mestre em medicina oriental.

Kundalini Yoga health benefits

include spiritual growth, physical fitness, improved well-being and clearer thinking. Yogis consider Kundalini as the yoga of awareness. In ancient times, it was considered a secret form of yoga practised only by royalty and the spiritual elite. Kundalini yoga is a powerful way of strengthening and toning the whole body. In fact, it is considered better than any other forms of yoga for the fitness of your entire body and its health benefits. Let us see what some of these Kundalini Yoga health benefits are.

Health Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga requires using your “prana”, “chi” or simply your inner energy. This yoga is based on utilizing the seven chakras (meridians) points in your body.

  • Spiritual growth

    : There are some types of yoga which focus on strengthening body while some of them focus on creating harmony. Kundalini focuses on strengthening the body so that a stronger bond is built between the body, mind and the spirit. Some claim that it creates spiritual awareness faster than hatha yoga or other forms of yoga.

  • Physical fitness

    : Kundalini yoga has the capability of improving your strength, balance, endurance and flexibility. Though some practitioners claim that the exercises and postures are not demanding, when practised properly, this yoga can stimulate your glands, cleanse and tone your body. Some of the tangible benefits you can see include improvement in your circulatory system, nervous system, digestive system and the immune system.

  • Clearer thinking

    : Organizations such as Mayo Clinic highlight many benefits of yoga and one among them is clearer thinking. Kundalini yoga involves many techniques such as alternate nostril breathing and breath of fire which help in calming the mind and provide mental clarity. A person who is adept in Kundalini can distance himself from many of the worries which help him get positive thoughts and solutions for many problems.

  • Improved well-being

    : Through improved health and mental conditions, you can obtain peace and harmony in your life.

Some people also claim that

Kundalini yoga health benefits

go beyond body and mind into the realms of metaphysical awareness. However, there is not much academic evidence in this area.


Kundalini Syndrome

I know from my own experiences what can happen. It can all be summed up into the “Kundalini Syndrome” characteristics.

It is a vast array of discomfort and fear and involves everything from constant entity attacks to chemical restraints. Medical authorities do not recognize Kundalini as being “anything” other than a symptom of imagination or another nuero or behavior based disease which of course MUST be treated with drugs. LOL

You may be aware of the chemical restraint and reliance factors of a perceived or DXed psychological disorder. Most of Kundalini would qualify. This is where many go for help and instead receive a level of care reserved for the most serious of criminal offenders. Tranqs. And more tranqs. Many for a long period of time and even that will not stop a Kundalini infusion.

Not all go through this. Some do not, I didn’t. I understood from my experiences in the medical field where a “soap dx” would lead me so did my best to take other options.

Many will just commit suicide. It can turn your world upside down AND inside out in so many, many, ways that some folks – not wanting to go the medical route of embarrassment and the life of a zombie – will just self terminate. They do not understand the precious gift that is being given and it is this ignorance that allows this self destruction to occur. So we have the safeties, here at least.

The other aspects of an awakening gone badly will apply pressure and pain that no one but the individual themselves can appreciate in the context of personal pain. This is what happened to me. This was a horrible nightmare that lasted for years and years. I literally visited and lived in many of the Hell Realms and that alone is all that one needs to just go nuts. Had I had access to the safeties none of it would have occurred.

As it turned out it was all training for what is being done now. Here. Now I know and have direct knowledge of where folks go and how the realities can be jumbled. I know what to do and I and i help them do this. Everybody has unique issues that can get amplified by the Kundalini. The safeties will turn a person approaching the Kundalini into a path of blessed love. Of Bliss and of the knowledge and symptoms that defy most science based systems and theological systems. 360 degree vision for example.

The safeties can turn a difficult activation into a most comforting and exciting one. The practice of them is a path unto itself and is a standalone activation platform. The safeties will allow the highest acquisition and understanding that can be held inside the fragile human psychological systems, understandings and experiences that are yet the most natural territory of the grace our spirit and soul are based in. Almost like coming home.

Rejoice in the process

Kundalini Syndrome has much to do with the level of fear a person experiences inside of an early activation of the Kundalini. As the activation proceeds to a true awakening this condition can have extremely dire and painful results for one who is inside of it.

The phenomena and symptoms of the Kundalini when experienced with fear which often leads to resistance which often leads to pain can be tremendously magnified by the Kundalini to the degree of a true and real psychological emotional and physical psychosis. This can be essentially eliminated by not going into fear in the first place and surrendering as completely as one can to the phenomena (no matter how strange) and symptoms of the Kundalini upon and within the body.

I did everything the hard way with my activation/awakening and it took a very long time and aged me considerably. On the positive side I can now help others from an experiential background so in the long run this was and is a good thing. The purification of the soul in the crucible of the Kundalini so to say.

Not saying that even with the surrendering and allowing that difficult times will not present to the person. They will and should as this is as much a learning and a divine teaching as it is an upgrade into the vast and grand higher frequencies of expression. A closer existence to the divine nature within as given by the changes that Kundalini brings to all facets of the Human -spirit in body- experience.

The Kundalini Syndrome is not to be equated with the “The dark night of the soul“. This is a descriptive phrase that many enjoy bringing and assigning into difficult periods of adjustment inside of the infusion and really only relates to teachings far down the line of the awakening experience. imho.

Rejoice in the process happening within and know that I and others are traveling with you shoulder to shoulder and your burden is a blessings and a teaching from you to yourself and to us as we can all appreciate and assist each other as we journey higher and higher, deeper and deeper, and longer than we have ever gone before. – blessings and love – chrism

Golden Flower

Can Golden Flower Kundalini Meditation make a difference for you? It depends on your condition. If it’s related to the nerve damage, as mine was, you can activate the same autonomic self-healing mechanisms I did. I can’t do the work for you; that’s your job. You are the only one capable of healing You. It’s called self-healing — the greatest force for improvement on the planet.

“I can’t diagnose your condition. That’s between you and your doctor. In a certain sense, healing has always been your responsibility; you just weren’t aware of it. Whether you go to a doctor or heal yourself is up to you. Many understanding physicians propose a combination of both. And many people instinctively feel that Golden Flower Meditation can help them.

“They ask me how it works. I tell them, ‘It goes way beyond basic meditation. Adding one simple technique to a basic method — composed of diaphragmatic deep breathing and control of heart rate — transforms the meditation of today into a second-generation system for safe, permanent Kundalini activation. That technique is the backward-flowing method, a technique that separates Golden Flower Kundalini Meditation from all other methods.'”

What kind of results would qualify a method as delivering the goods? GFM delivers pretty spectacular results. As in Ponce de Leon — Fountain of Youth-type results. The results include, but are not limited to:

•Triggering autonomic self-healing mechanisms capable of correcting defects due to neural degeneration;
•Rejuvenating the brain and the body as a result of intense neuroplastic activity;
•Retarding the aging process;
•Reversing self-destructive and addictive behavior;
•Heightening and enhancing consciousness through the awakening of various metanormal effects and powers;
•Refining the being to the point where the individual is able to effect a release from Karmic bondage;
•Clearly demonstrating that the ego spirit persists after death;
•Help end dependency on ineffective health care models;
•Facilitating the transition into the next state of being.

GFM Kundalini Meditation activates the Life Force by first awakening Kundalini, which in turn triggers a Life Force energy explosion. This starts a chain reaction, a revitalization of the whole being. It’s part of a process that’s been successfully practiced in the East for thousands of years. Says JJ Semple, “I didn’t make it up; I lived it.”

Once Kundalini is activated it floods the nervous system with vital Life Force energy. Parts of the body that suffer from damaged nerves or nerve endings can be revitalized. What’s more, there’s a whole consciousness expanding aspect to GFM. “I don’t talk much about this because I find that each person experiences these effects in a different way,” says JJ Semple. “Young people today are impatient. That’s okay, but let’s not put the cart before the horse. Let’s make sure that your Kundalini awakening is safe and permanent. In the future, I’ll be writing more on the subjects of higher consciousness, self-realization, and enlightenment, but for now I’m interested in helping people improve their physical condition and health. Just remember: there are no limits to the power of Kundalini.”

Over the past forty years, I’ve witnessed the varying effects of Kundalini awakenings on many individuals. Each experience is unique — from the way Kundalini is triggered to the way the individual lives with it. Usually, the most stable experiences are those triggered by meditation. The ones caused by random events or stimuli are often temporary, and sometimes unstable, in that they come and go. However temporary or unstable, all experiences pose challenges to their subjects because of the variety of psychological, spiritual, and psychic states and conditions their subjects find themselves in as a result of a Kundalini awakening.

I receive many inquiries from people who think that, once awakened, Kundalini will solve all their problems. This is as unrealistic as it is untrue, especially since most of these inquiries come from people who have not yet activated their Kundalini. Kundalini, in and of itself, changes the being, but does not necessarily hold forth the prospect of a better design for living. Neither as concerns the purpose of life or the ways and means of living it to the fullest.

First of all, what does living life to the fullest mean? Is it a winning formula for material comfort? A means to spiritual transcendence? A life of contemplation and retreat? Is it a catch phrase for feelings of entitlement, that because the individual has activated Kundalini, he or she is suddenly exempt from the stress and strain of everyday existence? No, the work is never done; better living is up to YOU!

Yoga do despertar

O Kundalini Yoga é conhecido entre os yoguis como o Yoga do Despertar devido à expansão da consciência que ele proporciona mais ou menos imediatamente. 


Kundalini é uma força energética de carácter subtil, que existe latente dentro de cada um de nós. A nível físico fica localizada junto à base da coluna. Quando as condições do nosso ambiente interno são favoráveis, isto é, quando os nossos chackras (centros energéticos) estão alinhados, equilibrados e todos activos e existe uma boa circulação da vitalidade (prana), conjugada com uma certa intenção consciente, é possível a energia kundalini ascender até aos níveis superiores e induzir em nós consciência da nossa verdadeira essência.

Por vezes, pressões físicas ou mentais decorrentes de um esforço psicológico mal direccionado e excessivo, ou decorrente de um incidente chocante, podem levar o Kundalini a ascender num indivíduo que não tem preparação. Os sintomas de uma experiência espontânea de Kundalini, deste tipo, são passageiros mas apesar de tudo o resultado final é benéfico.


Todos os tipos de yoga geram uma unificação interior , que por sua vez permite a ascensão da força Kundalini.

Isto acontece através de vários meios e técnicas, que definem o ênfase das várias tradições espirituais orientais, como por exemplo:

– Bhakti Yoga utiliza práticas devocionais e de entrega do individuo

– Japa Yoga é a repetição de mantras, hinos ou afirmações

– Laya Yoga baseia-se na geração do poder através do ritmo

– Raja Yoga, o rei dos yogas, pode-se definir como uma meditação profunda e muito concentrada

– Hatha Yoga provoca uma experiência interna exaltada através do aperfeiçoamento de posturas e exercícios físicos

– Mantra Yoga inclui principalmente a repetição de sons primordiais, com marcadas consequências vibracionais.


O Kundalini Yoga utiliza técnicas comuns aos tipos de yoga acima mencionados mas direcionadas ao estímulo do Kundalini. O resultado portanto sobressai e é muito evidente.


O Kundalini Yoga tem sido praticado no subcontinente indiano desde há milhares de anos. Dados os efeitos de expansão individual e de consciência espontânea de certas verdades, o KY era tradicionalmente ensinado de mestre a discípulo, por vias mais ou menos secretas. Isto é, só aqueles discípulos que tinham demonstrado assiduidade e compromisso na jornada espiritual eram considerados merecedores de técnicas tão poderosas e seriam capazes de suportar os seus efeitos transformadores, de maneira responsável. O resultado deste tipo de selecção foi:

– que a sabedoria se manteve nas mãos de uma minoria privilegiada;

– impossibilitar as massas de terem acesso a ensinamentos avançados ou a uma previsível emancipação.


O Yogui Bhajan emigrou da Índia para a América do Norte em 1969 com a intenção de criar professores e não a de angariar discípulos. Hoje, graças aos seus esforços de divulgação de uma enorme variedade de exercícios de yoga e de meditação, entre todos aqueles que buscam algo de mais verdadeiro e autêntico nas suas vidas, o Kundalini Yoga segundo Yogui Bhajan tem uma reputação inigualável pelo facto de não ter sido diluído ao longo dos séculos e de não ter sido alterado ao “gosto do consumidor”.

O Kundalini Yoga, segundo Yogui Bhajan, provoca acima de tudo uma sensação de verdadeiro bem estar. Este é o resultado de uma fortificação do sistema nervoso, estímulo do sistema glandular, expansão da capacidade pulmonar, aumento da flexibilidade do corpo e da mente e consequente relaxamento físico e mental.


Uma aula de Kundalini Yoga tipica inclui exercícios de aquecimento, uma respiração controlada, exercícios físicos frequentemente dinâmicos, um relaxamento sistemático e profundo e invariavelmente uma técnica de meditação. As aulas incluem sempre a entoação de um ou mais mantras. O aspecto sonoro vibracional da prática não só acelera o processo de transformação interior mas protege e direciona a energia gerada durante os exercicios.

Os processos mentais e físicos que acompanham a prática dos exercícios de Kundalini Yoga são um desafio. Isto é, o confronto connosco próprios, obriga-nos a abandonar falsas identidades e a admitir a realidade como ela é, ao nível da nossa alma. O Kundalini Yoga é totalmente baseado na experiência individual, que depois é multiplicada num ambiente de grupo.


Existe uma vastidão de ensinamentos filosóficos e práticos, relacionados com a tomada de consciência da vida e dos nossos hábitos, que integram os ensinamentos de Kundalini Yoga, segundo o Yogui Bhajan e que vão muito para além do contexto duma aula. São estes ensinamentos que, de facto, nos permitem tornarmo-nos bem mais do que aquilo que o fado nos ditou!




Satya Kaur

Nasceu em Lisboa, em 1958, viveu grande parte da sua vida em Londres,onde completou o curso universitário de Geografia.

Começou a praticar Kundalini Yoga, segundo Yogi Bhajan, em 1980 e a ensiná-lo em 1981.

Yogui Bhajan foi o impulsionador do Kundalini Yoga no ocidente e foi com ele que aprendeu ensinamentos gerais de Yoga, técnicas de KundaliniYoga e meditação e que iniciou os estudos sobre a natureza do ser humano.

Ao longo do tempo aprofundou os seus conhecimentos sobre a filosofia Yoga, sobre a anatomia Yoguica e aprendeu sobre mantras.
Formou-se como parteira pela Middlesex University em 1994 e exerceu esta actividade durante 5 anos.

Trabalhou como assistente social durante 2 anos, com pessoas que apresentavam dificuldades de aprendizagem.

Em 2000, e em conjunto com o seu marido, Shiv Charan Singh, fundaram o Kriya Centre para a divulgação do Kundalini Yoga e Meditação, assim como para o desenvolvimento duma comunidade baseada num modo de vida que manifesta princípios espirituais na prática (Dharma).

É também uma das directoras do Great British Yoga Festival.

Satya Kaur foi pioneira e guia na comunidade 3HO em Inglaterra, e na Europa como Senadora do European Khalsa Council.

Uma das suas paixões são a musica e os cânticos tradicionais Sikh. Sabe tocar harmónio, tabla e sítara. Em 2002, gravou um CD com o nome “Here It Comes!”.

Está licenciada para leccionar Yoga pelo Kundalini Research Institute. Dá cursos para formadores de Yoga (nível 1 e 2) e cursos de especialização para formadores de Yoga para grávidas.

Tem experiência de muitos anos de Yoga leccionado a grávidas, de aulas de Yoga para crianças, de aulas para mulheres e de aulas mistas. Também deu aulas de Yoga para deficientes.

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