Kundalini Yoga health benefits

include spiritual growth, physical fitness, improved well-being and clearer thinking. Yogis consider Kundalini as the yoga of awareness. In ancient times, it was considered a secret form of yoga practised only by royalty and the spiritual elite. Kundalini yoga is a powerful way of strengthening and toning the whole body. In fact, it is considered better than any other forms of yoga for the fitness of your entire body and its health benefits. Let us see what some of these Kundalini Yoga health benefits are.

Health Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga requires using your “prana”, “chi” or simply your inner energy. This yoga is based on utilizing the seven chakras (meridians) points in your body.

  • Spiritual growth

    : There are some types of yoga which focus on strengthening body while some of them focus on creating harmony. Kundalini focuses on strengthening the body so that a stronger bond is built between the body, mind and the spirit. Some claim that it creates spiritual awareness faster than hatha yoga or other forms of yoga.

  • Physical fitness

    : Kundalini yoga has the capability of improving your strength, balance, endurance and flexibility. Though some practitioners claim that the exercises and postures are not demanding, when practised properly, this yoga can stimulate your glands, cleanse and tone your body. Some of the tangible benefits you can see include improvement in your circulatory system, nervous system, digestive system and the immune system.

  • Clearer thinking

    : Organizations such as Mayo Clinic highlight many benefits of yoga and one among them is clearer thinking. Kundalini yoga involves many techniques such as alternate nostril breathing and breath of fire which help in calming the mind and provide mental clarity. A person who is adept in Kundalini can distance himself from many of the worries which help him get positive thoughts and solutions for many problems.

  • Improved well-being

    : Through improved health and mental conditions, you can obtain peace and harmony in your life.

Some people also claim that

Kundalini yoga health benefits

go beyond body and mind into the realms of metaphysical awareness. However, there is not much academic evidence in this area.


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