Energia kundalini

What is The Kundalini?
By StarStuffs

Kundalini is the Hindu word for the “sacred transformative energy that awakens consciousness”, “the coiled,” or the “Serpent power”. In India there are thousands of books in Sanskrit and other regional languages of the country, dealing with this holy subject. Kundalini has also been known for thousands of years among occultists, hermeticists, alchemists and esoteric mystery cults throughout Europe. Many cultures across the world revere the snake as holy with demonstrative healing powers, thus aptly named “The Serpent Power”.

The Kundalini is the Primal Life Force for all Creation that is “stored” and latent at the base of the spine. We are born naturally with this energy in which it awaits activation in later years. The aspirations for many who do chakra meditations along with yoga traditions, is to clear the energy centers to allow the Universal Energy of the Kundalini to flow naturally and unhindered. The energy moves upward from the root chakra along the spinal column to the crown. It then showers up and out within the auric layers in an ovular field and cycles back to the body – the process continues like a huge circuit. It is the foundation and basis in the Cosmic Consciousness that produces various degrees of enlightenment.

For the most part the Kundalini is a result of mental/spiritual progression as in working on the chakras and the body through meditation, prayers, bodywork, breath work or various yoga or sexual practices. The power points are worked with, cleansed and healed. For what good is the Kundalini if the energy is blocked and cannot move upward? Sometimes emotional traumas (death of someone, near death experience) and physical traumas (childbirth, menopause, accidents) may shock the body to allow the Kundalini to be opened. In some people, the Kundalini force can awaken spontaneously for no apparent reason other than it’s spiritually time to do so. Spontaneous Kundalini activation seems to increasing in frequency as well. Perhaps this is due to an overall global transformation toward enlightenment. The awareness of the Kundalini is a spiritual step in transforming human consciousness, an emergence to our natural state of Being One with the cosmos. The mystical mind is forever changed by the Kundalini awakening.

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Kundalini and The Chakras:

When the chakras are cleansed and emotions have healed one may feel open, clean, wonderful joy and balance. Sometimes this may be mistaken as Kundalini rising, which in fact, is a part of the whole. If you look at the Kundalini as flowing through water dams of the chakras, as the Kundalini rises there is an activation of the properties of that chakra. Many gates are opened at this point so there are numerous symptoms that accompany this transition: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and increased psychic abilities. Also I might add, when we undergo any spiritual change, or there is a cosmic flux, regardless of the Kundalini, we will experience nearly the same symptoms. So going with the flow of things and being energetically aware is important.

Some report the Kundalini being activated at different chakra points other than the root/base chakra. As in the above mentioned, the Kundalini is part of the whole. So if a chakra is “more clear” the Kundalini energy could be more “prevalent” in that sector and eventually will start spreading to other points, as in the example of the Kundalini coming from the top chakra down to the lower ones. From the “top down” is sometimes referred to as Grace and embraces the concept of a spiritual awakening. Kundalini primarily concerns itself with the root chakra with the energy moving upward along the spine.

The action of the “top down” also coincides with the “descension and ascension” process. In “descension” energy is coming down through the spheres passing into your auric energy, ultimately permeating your body. The Life Force is an amazing “creature” and is a gift from Spirit, no matter the way, form or circumstance it becomes activated.

Ki, Chi and Prana are synonymous as the same Life Force in which some people seem to get confused. You’re not alone. Swami Shivom Tirth said that “the difference is not in the nature of the activity but in the consciousness that observes it.” Perhaps Ki, Chi and Prana are merely part of the whole making up a common set of experiences that connect them. The Kundalini is hallmarked and documented as dealing with the central channel of the spine directly. Whereas, Ki, Chi and Prana are “more” all pervading, they are your Life Force regardless of the Kundalini rising. However, when the Kundalini is activated is does increase your awareness of Ki, Chi and Prana in all things.

Chakra location, human body Frequency chakra locations, Kundalini awakening, kundalini power, kundalini energy, kundalini serpent, kundalini circuit chakra color, chakra imbalances, chakra clearings, chakra cleanings, chakra balancing,energy healing, body energy


When the Kundalini springs forth, there is a tremendous energy surge. It is likened to a cosmic explosion within a tiny structure, the body. This may be felt throughout the body as a vibration, buzzing, stinging sensation sometimes see as a kaleidoscope of rushing dancing lights in the mind’s eye. An inner light, heavenly sounds, mystical chimes, or the cosmic all-pervading Om sound may be heard and felt. There may be a strong overall electrical feeling to your body. This may also make you more sensitive to many vibrations of daily activities: sounds are louder, colors are brighter and clarity of surroundings and thoughts. One may have dreams of spiritual and religious symbols, most notably a snake integrating within your body. The psychic sense of smelling sweet odors, hearing music and singing. The existence and development of the Kundalini will mark the person with the permanently co-existing awareness to God/Tao/Spirit, a feeling of Bliss, Oneness, Ecstasy, Nirvana. Many scholars feel opening the heart chakra is often the key to awakening the Spirit of the Kundalini. Thus an overwhelming love for all things.

The power that is released is (may be) very uncomfortable the first time you feel it. And you will realize that something is drastically different. The surge is incredible, springing like a snake with such force up through your chakras that your awareness is heightened to an insurmountable level. It may “strike” you by surprise the first time. While meditating this may happen and it easily breaks your concentration because of the surge. It breaks concentration from the mere force of it. One cannot stay “there” for long without some practice. Total awareness and concentration is required within this level. One is ultimately propelled through space and time.

Upon doing energy exercises (meditating) you may later feel a very strong but gentle figure-eight motion of the energy coursing through the chakras/body/mind. You may even feel like your body is actually moving like a gyroscope as the vortex of energy circulates. It is an amazing feeling! Don’t awaken or lose concentration – it is the Kundalini. At this point there is a symbiosis within your body. Just Be.

Since we are dealing with Universal Energy, the Kundalini energy works on the chakras as well; cleaning any residual by cleansing and heightening the chakra pieces of the energy puzzle. This is why some people may feel so much discomfort at times. But in essence, the discomforts shouldn’t last too long. It is a good sign to actively work on the chakras and it’s properties, cleaning, clearing, grounding and most of all circulating the energy. The chakras hold memories, feelings and emotions so it’s important to regularly clean and clear these points to allow for smooth Kundalini energy to flow. Also, one should get used to the ‘new’ energy of the whirling open chakras before ‘attempting’ to ‘touch’ the Kundalini force. In the dam example mentioned earlier, the water/energy needs to flow. If you recognize it early you can get a good start in dealing with the energies.

Chakra location, human body Frequency chakra locations, Kundalini awakening, kundalini power, kundalini energy, kundalini serpent, kundalini circuit chakra color, chakra imbalances, chakra clearings, chakra cleanings, chakra balancing,energy healing, body energy


The Kundalini can be dangerous in the respect that is can cause terrible headaches, increased body temperature, extreme anxiety along with other numerous symptoms within the body and mind. Sometimes the symptoms become severe if the energy isn’t balanced. Prolonged symptoms could lead to mental neurosis and cronic physical pains. We automatically and naturally want to fight what is happening within us, especially since we don’t fully understand the process. If we recognize the body as energy, we should be able to tune into any symptoms and help balance the Kundalini energy promptly. The same is for chakra work, which is the starting ground for body-energy awareness. Once the feelings are recognized, we can then deal accordingly with the energies. Recognizing it is half the battle.

In working with the body, mind and spirit, if you suspect the kundalini, or the chakras for that matter, are giving you a tough time. Focus on the chakra and/or root chakra that is uncomfortable, permeating it with white light while diffusing what the “problem” is. Then merely cirulate all the rainbow energy up and out. White light is also healing and helps clean and clear out unwanted energy. There is a suggested chakra meditation that may help in this as well.

If you are feeling any physical problems please consult your physician to make sure you are taking care of the physical. To take care of your spiritual, please see a healer, therapist, guides, or guru. Please use your own best judgment and go with someone you trust. There is a big difference in working with “batteries” versus “power lines” so please be careful and progress as much as you feel comfortable with. It should be a wonderful experience not a traumatic one.


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