Kundalini Syndrome

I know from my own experiences what can happen. It can all be summed up into the “Kundalini Syndrome” characteristics.

It is a vast array of discomfort and fear and involves everything from constant entity attacks to chemical restraints. Medical authorities do not recognize Kundalini as being “anything” other than a symptom of imagination or another nuero or behavior based disease which of course MUST be treated with drugs. LOL

You may be aware of the chemical restraint and reliance factors of a perceived or DXed psychological disorder. Most of Kundalini would qualify. This is where many go for help and instead receive a level of care reserved for the most serious of criminal offenders. Tranqs. And more tranqs. Many for a long period of time and even that will not stop a Kundalini infusion.

Not all go through this. Some do not, I didn’t. I understood from my experiences in the medical field where a “soap dx” would lead me so did my best to take other options.

Many will just commit suicide. It can turn your world upside down AND inside out in so many, many, ways that some folks – not wanting to go the medical route of embarrassment and the life of a zombie – will just self terminate. They do not understand the precious gift that is being given and it is this ignorance that allows this self destruction to occur. So we have the safeties, here at least.

The other aspects of an awakening gone badly will apply pressure and pain that no one but the individual themselves can appreciate in the context of personal pain. This is what happened to me. This was a horrible nightmare that lasted for years and years. I literally visited and lived in many of the Hell Realms and that alone is all that one needs to just go nuts. Had I had access to the safeties none of it would have occurred.

As it turned out it was all training for what is being done now. Here. Now I know and have direct knowledge of where folks go and how the realities can be jumbled. I know what to do and I and i help them do this. Everybody has unique issues that can get amplified by the Kundalini. The safeties will turn a person approaching the Kundalini into a path of blessed love. Of Bliss and of the knowledge and symptoms that defy most science based systems and theological systems. 360 degree vision for example.

The safeties can turn a difficult activation into a most comforting and exciting one. The practice of them is a path unto itself and is a standalone activation platform. The safeties will allow the highest acquisition and understanding that can be held inside the fragile human psychological systems, understandings and experiences that are yet the most natural territory of the grace our spirit and soul are based in. Almost like coming home.

Rejoice in the process

Kundalini Syndrome has much to do with the level of fear a person experiences inside of an early activation of the Kundalini. As the activation proceeds to a true awakening this condition can have extremely dire and painful results for one who is inside of it.

The phenomena and symptoms of the Kundalini when experienced with fear which often leads to resistance which often leads to pain can be tremendously magnified by the Kundalini to the degree of a true and real psychological emotional and physical psychosis. This can be essentially eliminated by not going into fear in the first place and surrendering as completely as one can to the phenomena (no matter how strange) and symptoms of the Kundalini upon and within the body.

I did everything the hard way with my activation/awakening and it took a very long time and aged me considerably. On the positive side I can now help others from an experiential background so in the long run this was and is a good thing. The purification of the soul in the crucible of the Kundalini so to say.

Not saying that even with the surrendering and allowing that difficult times will not present to the person. They will and should as this is as much a learning and a divine teaching as it is an upgrade into the vast and grand higher frequencies of expression. A closer existence to the divine nature within as given by the changes that Kundalini brings to all facets of the Human -spirit in body- experience.

The Kundalini Syndrome is not to be equated with the “The dark night of the soul“. This is a descriptive phrase that many enjoy bringing and assigning into difficult periods of adjustment inside of the infusion and really only relates to teachings far down the line of the awakening experience. imho.

Rejoice in the process happening within and know that I and others are traveling with you shoulder to shoulder and your burden is a blessings and a teaching from you to yourself and to us as we can all appreciate and assist each other as we journey higher and higher, deeper and deeper, and longer than we have ever gone before. – blessings and love – chrism


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