What Does Kundalini Activation Do? by Dr. Susan A. Carlson, Founder of the Kundalini Support Network

Kundalini Energy is living energy in the body that has two aspects, inner and outer. The outer kundalini aspect controls the physical, bodily process. It is what makes our heart beat, causes our lungs to breathe in and out. Simply put it is what keeps our bodies alive. When it is absent our bodies die.

The inner aspect of kundalini is normally dormant. It is an evolutionary driver for physio-psycho-spiritual transformation. It can be awakened in several different ways. Once awakened, it propels us to a self awareness that can be unparalleled in the world of self help seminars/books and human potential meetings. Once the awakening becomes fully mature self awareness is evident and heart and body felt bliss comes from merging into and becoming one with the Tao, Spirit, God, or All That Is. This is the goal of all major religions, esoteric martial arts and other spiritual systems. The end result is we can no longer draw a line of separation between us and the God Force.

Ten of the benefits of Self Awareness:

Synchronicity. Life no longer seems slavery to chance circumstance. We start operating in the natural flow of the Universe. The Ancients call this flow the Tao.
A dawning of experiential knowing, not an intellectual acknowledgement, there is an intelligent, universal energy, what some may call the God Force.
An equal knowing that we can access this energy at any moment.
You will begin to feel loved beyond belief!
Fear begins to evaporate to be replaced by peace. Peace is not the absence of conflict. Peace is the continual awareness of the presence of Source and the sacredness of all things.
We begin to develop an appreciative wonder for the Universe and everything it holds.
You will begin to experience a connectedness to everyone and everything.
Bliss becomes a natural state. Bliss can be shared with others as we become transformed by our meditative practice.
Health and wellness is more easily achieved.


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