Shaktipat : Shakti and Chi Transmission
introduction by Dr. Glenn J. Morris and Dr. Susan Carlson

Kundalini Shakti is an evolutionary energy shrouded in mystery and misconceptions since ancient times. It’s a normal process for self-development that can be activated by specific proven techniques developed by ancient medical practitioners for the protection of family lines and elite military and religious groups across centuries and cultures.

This biological process has historically been hidden by symbolic codes, occult practices, and religious dogma because a person through their own effort and diligent practice can develop the skills and understanding of enlightenment and leadership formally restricted to the highest levels of the priesthoods and royalty.

This is the ultimate self-empowerment practice. Historically, therapies, self-help groups, and self-improvement classes work from effecting change from the outside in. Awakening your own kundalini will ignite an internal, inside out process that effects permanent change.

The most permanent and practical way to activate your own kundalini is through disciplined practice. A secondary practice is actual hands on touch from someone who has actual experiences and demonstrated competency in kundalini activation. This is historically known as Shaktipat in Sanskrit or Chonokyo in Japanese. Another way is to meditate with those who have achieved full kundalini activation and have the ability to transmit Shakti by their intent and presence.

To receive Shakti kundalini depends fully on the openness and willingness of the receiver in the context of having authentic transmitters.
One of the siddhi (magicks) of yoga or chi kung is the ability to transfer energy or to give shaktipat. It is often used in the healing process and is available to most people as reiki or healing touch (HT). Shakti differs from chi in that it is intelligent energy or creative energy. When a person is zapped with shakti the energy will stay with them and begin to adapt to his or her body often rendering them healthier and allowing them to experience a spiritual awakening. Dr. Morris first learned how to work with energy from a couple of Therapeutic Touch Canadian nurses at an AHP convention back in the 80s. Since then Dr. Morris worked with polarity therapists, reiki masters, chi teachers, and various healing touch teachers to develop a system of energy transfer for Hoshin (his martial arts system) healers as well as the shaktipat transfer that is part of the Heaven’s Way Chi Gung; Lightening Path of Esoteric Yoga, Levels One and Two for Kundalini awakening, now more commonly known as the Kundalini Awakening Process.

Some systems of yoga treat shaktipat as a great mystery and at one time Dr. Morris thought it was. Dr. Morris stated, ” However, it can be defined and transferred in a number of ways. In budo chi is developed by breathing techniques and usually transferred by master to student through presence and beating the energy into the student while training together. Most yoga guru and some chi kung teachers use mass shaktipat through raising the level of energy in a room or group. This is why the sangha or group that meditates together is considered sacred as there is a merging of energy. (This is another reason to be careful about whom you select as a teacher.)” Often a healer will activate a chakra by touching it with a finger or peacock feather. A skilled master can send you energy just by looking at you, or just thinking about you, or from a picture. However, this type of transfer, though sometimes blissful for the recipient seldom lasts long. It seems there is a general perception that this is a once in lifetime thing, but one can have shaktipat as often as they can find a real guru.

Shaktipat is used in three ways in the Kundalini Awakening Process Levels. (1) As a group we meditate together and there are often two or three realized masters in the room. (2) Meridian Massage is taught in Level Two which is a form of reiki/chi connection developed by martial artists to speed healing that prepares the body for handling higher energy more effectively and (3) one can purchase a Shaktipat Massage if one so desires. Shaktipat massages are designed to speed up the kundalini process for the practitioner by removing some blockages, rejuvenating the endocrine system, and preparing the chakra to process more positive energy. Same sex Shaktipat is for increasing gender differences, cross sex shaktipat which increases sensitivity, and dual shaktipat which often results in immediate Kundalini experiences for the recipient.”

Shaktipat Registrant Acknowledges the Following:

I understand that shaktipat speeds the complete awakening of kundalini, but regular practice of KAP methods will still be required until my kundalini has permanently re-wired my body’s meridian system.

I understand that when this shaktipat is given in person, in keeping with Dr. Glenn Morris’s method, it involves the instructor laying his hands upon my body and projecting kundalini energy through the meridian lines, in a manner similar to the laying on of hands in Reiki Level One practice, and that, as required by Florida Law, Santiago Dobles has received ordination as a minister of the Unity Church in order to perform energy healing and shaktipat in this manner. Dr. Susan Carlson is an ordained minister of the Spiritis Sancti Church and a registered nurse, licensed to practice nursing in the State of Colorado, USA. contact is clothed, non-sexual and non-invasive; the genitals and breast area are not touched.

I certify that I am in good mental and physical health, and not currently under the care of a mental health professional, and that for my own safety, I will remain hydrated and not use alcohol or any psychotropic drugs within 8 hours of the shaktipat session. I will receive a welcome note and further instructions via email.


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