kundalini development

The term chakra is becoming more and more of a common term, and people are drawn to working on balancing their chakras. There are a number of different methods available for developing and increasing personal energy. In my own experience all methods have been valid at different times; the constant has been physical exercise with the meditations and internal energy work. I have worked through many layers and developed myself to the point of melting of the soma in the crown, and now I find I am working at a different level with my chakras and developing further.

Kundalini Yoga is also also a popular term used and is promoted as a method to increase your vitality in your physical life. Kundalini Yoga is more than just physical development. It is directly linked to inner tantric yoga. In tantra you work towards developing your inner balance through the chakras. Each layer you work on brings about internal and external challenges. It is only by meeting and dissolving these obstacles that appear that you can bring you body back into balance. The more you advance the greater the challenge. To prepare yourself to cope with these changes it is important to prepare your whole being. This requires strength on all levels, mind, body and spirit.

When you join the path of inner tantric yoga, your kundalini energy rises and works through your body. With the rise of the kundalini you receive further spiritual gifts, such as developing your intuitive psychic senses and having greater awareness. It teaches you to learn to trust what you body is teaching you about what it needs, to listen to your inner guide, that intuitive voice that guides us in our actions, and in time you learn to distinguish the different types of communication; is it ego based or direct from your souls path. This over time helps to remove our fears and worries that we carry around from being in a materially based world. As we go through the different layers within ourself and become more confident and trusting; the more balance we achieve. Facing our challenges helps us to grow and develop our kundalini energy. This is self empowerment. Leading us to we learn about our true purpose in life; from the perspective of understanding our souls mission. The more we listen and develop the greater our ascension on earth becomes.

Tantra and the law of attraction.

By allowing our energy bodies to become more balanced, we find we attract similar minded people to ourselves. As we clear the old self out, new relationships, attitudes, patterns can be created. Your intention become clearer and the blocks that show up become easier to overcome. In time you find events around you become more aligned with your energy. The more you become aligned the easier it becomes to work for the highest good. This then enables you to open your channels to receiving and recognising synchronicity. The result is to further our ascension; thus enabling you to be more open to the divine energy and guides who support us on our path, and events take on a new understanding.

If you are ready to come and join us on this path, please contact me for further information.


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