what people are saying about Susan…
“After 9 years of suffering from the effects of a rampant and unintended energetic/kundalini opening I attended a two and a half day workshop. Susan gave me the guidance and support I needed to learn to manage and work with the intense sensations I was experiencing and allowed me to experience clarity and bliss rather than discomfort and pain as I transformed from living a life that I did not want to living a life that I love.
—Ron Blouch, PA, Yoga and Meditation Instructor

“While taking a seminar with Susan Carlson, I clearly felt and saw the presence of high spiritual beings. A powerful initiatory energy flowed through me, and the room was bathed in light. I experienced my third eye opening, my heart expanding and my entire body radiating with a warm, golden energy. The inner sense of tranquility that I experienced in the session remains with me to this day.”
—Craig Junjulas , AZ , Author of Psychic Tarot and healer

“Susan possesses a rare, formidable talent balanced with a gentle compassion that leaves one feeling loved, protected and elated.”
—Stephen Kowalchuk, PA, VP of IT, Kundalini Yoga Practitioner

“In the eighteen years that I have known Susan, I have watched her consciously and intentionally choose to see people in their perfection and have seen the remarkable effects that she has had on the people around her.”
— Jim Christopherson, MBA, Denver, CO,Entrepreneur

“This was my second time at one of Susan Carlson’s Intensives and she has not only reinvented what was already a wonderful experience, but taken the results to another level. If you are interested in finding how our bodies and spirits are meant to function together, this is a great experience to get in touch with this often untapped energy. This is a life changing seminar. I am still using and receiving benefits from the information Susan and Mark Saito presented at the October 2005 Kundalini Intensive held in Crestone, CO.”
– Susan H., Idaho, massage therapist and energy healer

“I am grateful for the direction the workshops have given me. A life-changing experience with practical skills for a sure foundation of empowerment and personal growth. For sure, it has given me answers to some perplexing oddities from the phenomenon called Kundalini. The meditation practices you have taught me are priceless.”
– Troy Marsh. Salt Lake City, UT, Physical Therapist and Energy Teacher

“I enjoyed being in Susan’s presence as she taught about meditation and Kundalini in a small group setting. She has a great deal of knowledge and experience on the subject of energy and Shaktipat as well and it was a rewarding time for me to be taught by such a warm and loving person as she helped me understand more about how I can access and connect with the divine energy in deeper ways. It was a joy to sit at her feet and learn new concepts. ”
-Lorraine, Salt Lake City, UT, Hypnotherapist, Theta Practitioner, Essential Oil Therapist, Matrix Energetics Therapist

“It was kind of like being a tuning fork, like I’d been hit and was starting to set up a sympathetic vibration (again, as I write this I’m getting all tingly all over). It was like just being more awake than I usually am. I was much more conscious and much more aware. My senses felt sharper, and I was feeling very relaxed, happy, and profound equanimity. I don’t think I’ve been as relaxed in the last ten years.”
– D.B. Saskatoon, SA, martial artist and world traveler

“I can attest to Susan’s efficacy with both the healing arts and shakti transmission. While I’ve never had shaktipat, I’ve spent a lot of time with people who have and some folks who had dual shaktipat. Just being around them was enough to make the hair stand up on the back of my neck, they were running so much energy.”
– R.M., Denver, CO, martial artist and entrepreneur

“She is a powerful and knowledgeable Kundalini practitioner who can give out a whole lot of energy. She melds a lot of the disparate Occult/Tantric/Mystical beliefs into a structure that makes a great deal of sense. I strongly suspect that her world view concerning the K and History is correct.”
– J.L., Denver, CO, martial artist and police officer

“The shaktipat sessions were amazing, I allowed shakti to lead the way and she did, letting her run through me, twist and turn me inside out, clearing blockages, opening passages, enlivening me. Surrender and being open to movement is key to a full experience of her, both in shaktipat and daily practises.”
– C.R. Calgary, CA, massage therapist and teacher

“If it works, … Susan is using and teaching it…the real kicker is being around these folks… if your Kundalini is activated, as mine was, it will sense that others around you are activated and follow to suit… for example, within minutes of the first meditation, I was shaking all over the floor, laughing, and feeling some serious bliss…this did not stop for pretty much the entire time I was in Denver.”
– RG, Victoria, BC, acupuncturist and Feldenkrais practitioner

“(Shaktipat)is the oft mentioned “refinement” of the bliss energy; it’s more like cool electricity now. Since the weekend I’m definitely running more current.”
– J.F. Los Angeles, CA, actor


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